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A film about the work of the employees of the Kharkov State Automobile Inspection to reduce road traffic accidents. 1 part of the Ukrainian SSR, the city of Kharkov, 1989. Traffic police officers at the scene, in which the driver of the car "ZIL" Alexander Leonidovich Vorontsov, being intoxicated, made a head-on collision with the car "GAZ-24". The driver of the GAZ car, Yevgeny Petrovich Toropov, and a 5-year-old child in the car, Andrei Slepukhin, died on the spot. Investigator I.F. Gavrish writes the protocol. Traffic policemen are patrolling the city. Employee of the Center for Automated Traffic Control System at the control panel. Traffic police officers stop violators of the traffic rules: both drivers and pedestrians. An ambulance car takes the victim away (pos. 279). 2 part of the Ukrainian SSR, the city of Kharkov, 1989. A traffic accident in which a passenger bus and a car that drove into the oncoming lane collided. View of a mangled car, the passengers of which died on the spot. Cars are driving on a road wet from rain. Stalin's senior lieutenant Horuzhaya and a colonel of the Soviet Army in the children's "auto town" are engaged with children, teaching them road traffic skills. Motorway towards the Black Sea. A passenger car is overtaking twice. The helicopter is observing the situation on the road from the air. The traffic police officer stops the intruder. A.L. Vorontsov, sentenced to 13 years in prison, in the hall of the district people's court of the Dzerzhinsky district of the city of Kharkov (pos. 271.8 m).
F. Fartusov
Film ID
, court
, crimes
, gai
, militia
, cities
, offenses
Number of Parts
G. Fomin
Other Creators
sound engineer V. Georgievskaya, director V. Zhuravlev
Release Date
Has Sound

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