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The film tells about how learning English has become popular in society and about how parents strive to send their children to special schools, and school graduates dream of studying at MGIMO. The film includes the following filming: Part 1: A graduation party in one of the special schools in Moscow: graduates and parents in the hall, teachers on the podium on stage. A man speaking at the microphone: he reads a welcome text in English (behind-the-scenes translation in Russian). Parents bring their children to audition in one of the special schools / Moscow /, stand in line to listen. School teachers talk with children, children read poetry, teachers invite children to pronounce different combinations of sounds of the English language, children pronounce them, repeating the sounds after the teacher (all sync.). Teachers talk with parents: they say that the load in the special school is very large and not all children can pull it (sync.) Part 2: The teachers of the special school invite children who came to audition to pronounce different combinations of sounds of the English language (sync.). General view of the MGIMO building. Applicants and their parents in the courtyard of the institute, listening to different announcements about exams. Parents meet applicants who have passed exams, ask them for ticket numbers, themes of essays (sync.) (A song in English sounds behind the scenes) Part 3 Parents of MGIMO applicants are waiting for them in the courtyard of the institute. One of the applicants is crying (a song in English sounds behind the scenes.) Teachers of an English special school audition and select children for the first grade of the school (sinhr.). The school principal talks with the parents. Parents who were denied admission of children to a special school, find out from the director on what basis they were denied, express their claims (sinhr.). Parents at the lists with the names of students admitted to the first grade of the special school. Students with bouquets of flowers go to school on September 1. Children with their parents at the school. Schoolchildren talk to each other. A rally at the school. A 10th grade student carries a first grader who rings a bell to signal the start of the school year.
G. Negashev
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V. Ermoshenko
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V. Khaidarov, S. Vasiliev
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