Estate Sentimental Journey

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The film tells about the Russian poet, statesman, a native of the village of Troitskoye, Simbirsk province (present-day Samara region), Ivan Ivanovich Dmitriev (1760 - 1837). The filming was attended by: A. Makariev, L.M. Nesterenko, M.S. Galichenkov, I.I. Kuzin, A.A. Saifulin and other residents of the village of Troitskoye. Part 1 General view of a television studio, video engineers are at the cameras. The presenter reads a poem about the Volga by the poet Ivan Ivanovich Dmitriev. Screens with the broadcast of the program about I.I. Dmitriev. Views of the village of Troitskoye - the poet's native village. Park, lake, butterflies, dragonflies fly, clouds block the sun in the sky. Bees on flowers. The facade of an old building. Trinity district hospital, talking with a patient in the hospital ward, talking about the hospital in his office. The building of the Trinity Village Council. An administration official tells a reporter about the Dmitrievs' estate. The car "Niva" drives along the street, drives up to the building of the village council. Trucks are driving down the street. The house where the organizer of the restoration of the village church lives, Mikhail Sergeevich Galichenkov. The horse is grazing in the clearing near the house. M.S. Galichenkov is sitting on a bench. View of a dilapidated church, a brick house is being built next to it. Men are riding in the back of a truck. Cross on the restored church, next to the bell tower. A lock on the iron doors of the temple. M.S. Galichenkov talks about his father, a priest, who was imprisoned in 1937, about raising children in Orthodox families, standing inside an abandoned church. Part 2 Cross on the dome of a dilapidated church. The boy sits in the grass, looks at a bird in the sky. Birds are circling over the temple. View of the village in the middle of the plain. The boy reads a poem by I.I. Dmitrieva. A man walks through a forest glade, talks about his teacher Ivan Yakovlevich Yudin, talks about his love for literature. Crowns of forest trees. A man reads a poem by his teacher I.Ya. Yudin. The artist Ivan Ignatievich Kuzin is priming the canvas in his house, talking about orders, about his work, about the ruin of the church, talks about the need for a functioning church in the village. Painting with a mill, the hostess of the house, sit on a bench. A representative of the administration of the village of Troitskoye is standing by the truck, saying that there is no money to restore the Dmitrievs' estate. Tractors are in the collective farm yard, a truck is passing by. Men ride in the back of a truck, among them. The presenter in the TV studio reads a letter from Ivan Dmitriev to the poet Fyodor Glinka during the recording of the program.
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Film ID
rural settlements
, a television
, bytsel population
, christianity
, literature
, hospitals
, landscapes
, painting
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
S. Tabachnikov, A. Baranov, V. Abolmov, V. Shubin, O. Robinova, A. Birman
Release Date
Has Sound

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