Eureka Number 2

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The newsreel has eight plots. The first part 1. The plot is about the experiment with crows in the laboratory of Moscow State University. A crow is looking for food in a winter forest, sitting on a branch. Experiments with crows in the laboratory. Crows sit on the fence near the house in winter. 2. The plot is about a homemade vehicle with one wheel. A vehicle in the form of a wheel drives along a highway and a country road. [Inventor], sitting in the wheel, controls its movement. The inventor inspects his vehicle. 3. A plot about the transformation of a dragonfly larva into a dragonfly (time-lapse filming). 4. The plot of the Kunstkamera in Leningrad. View of the Kunstkamera building. A picturesque portrait of Peter I. Museum exhibits. 5. The plot is about how the chick is freed from the egg. Time-lapse filming: the movement of the chicken inside the egg, the destruction of the shell of the egg by the chicken inside, the chick is freed from the shell of the egg. The chicken is standing by the shell. Chicks hatched from the shell. Second part 6. The plot of the solar power plant. The layout of the solar power plant. View of the construction of a solar power plant in the Crimea. Engineers work at computers. 7. A plot about a tupaye animal (a family of semi-monkeys). Monkeys in a cage. Tupaye eats a beetle in a cage. An employee stands near a cage with a tupaye. 8. The plot is about miniature sculptures from semi-precious stones, which were created by the artist Vasily Kovalenko. The artist V. Kovalenko at work. Miniature sculptures of people made by the artist.
K. Rovnin
Film ID
, museums
, invention
, animal world
, decorative and applied art
, zoology
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