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The newsreel has eight plots. The first part 1. The plot is about how a cat nursed four cubs of a sable. Cages on the territory of a fur farm. Sable cubs are in the cage. A cat passes by the cages. An employee walks through the territory of the fur farm. The cat is feeding the sable. Kittens play with each other and with sable cubs. The cat leads her family on the hunt. 2. The plot is about the method of obtaining artificial gems (cubic zirconia). A group of Africans is engaged in the extraction of precious stones in an artisanal way (newsreel footage). The process of obtaining artificial gems in the workshop. 3. The plot tells how the wings of insects work. A butterfly in flight. Animation illustrating the work of butterfly wings. 4. A plot about the apparatus of engineer Sukhodrevsky, which is used to lift loads. A man is lifted with the help of the apparatus of Sukhodrevsky along a pine trunk and along the wall of an industrial building. 5. The plot of the excavated and restored dwelling of primitive man, built from animal bones. The reconstructed dwelling from animal bones and skin in the museum hall. Second part 6. A plot about balanus crustaceans (sea acorns) living in the seas. Balianus and their larvae in an aquarium (macro photography). 7. The plot is about the works of the artist F. Vikerov, made on a nutshell. Hazelnuts, groundnuts, walnuts, pine nuts in a glass plate. F. Vikerov draws a pattern on the walnut shell, and then cuts it out using a special tool. Male portraits on a walnut shell. 8. The plot is about the first lessons of life of foals in the herd. A herd of horses gallops through the meadow on the river bank. Foals gallop among the horses. A foal runs through the meadow, runs up to the mare, sucks milk.
S. Reitburt
Film ID
animal husbandry
, metallurgy
, chemical industry
, animal world
, foreign countries
, invention
, decorative and applied art
, horse breeding
, zoology
Number of Parts
There is no data
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