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The newsreel has seven plots. The first part. 1. A plot about the flora and fauna of the Asian deserts. The type of sand dunes. Saxaul thickets. The beetle runs through the sand, buries itself in the sand. Monitor lizards, gophers, snakes in the desert. Arrow-snake on the trunk of saxaul. The camel eats desert vegetation. Camel caravan moves in the desert. 2. The plot is about a tropical plant - a giant water lily "Victoria Regia", blossoming in the Moscow Botanical Garden. Giant water lily Victoria regia in the reservoir. The girl sits on a water lily sheet. Blooming aquatic plants. 3. A plot about the find of Soviet archaeologists - "The Golden Man". View of the burial ground against the background of snow-capped mountains (photo). Household items, decorations at the stand. The leader of the archaeological expedition lays out the objects found during the excavations on the table. Gold chain mail on a mannequin. 4. Plot about the role of mouth coloring in feeding chicks. Chicks in the nest. Chicks on a tree branch. Chicks with open red beaks in the nest. The bird feeds the yellow-mouthed chicks. 5. A plot about a collection of rare reptiles. Snakes, turtles, lizards in boxes. Snake eggs. Scientists conduct experiments with reptiles. Second part 6. The plot is about the postman V. Brezgulov, located near Moscow, restoring rare musical instruments. V. Brezgulov in the workshop restores, makes rare musical instruments and plays on them. 7. A plot about the Moscow collector G. Malofeev, who collects parts of clock mechanisms and makes wonderful compositions of them. G. Malofeev disassembles the clock mechanism in his workshop, works on the next composition. Models of old cars, sailboats, carriages, made of clock mechanisms.
S. Reitburt
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, archeology
, museums
, animal world
, vegetable world
, landscapes
, collecting
, zoology
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