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Moscow city. June 1981. Leonid Brezhnev speaks at a session of the USSR Supreme Council with an address "To the parliaments and peoples of the world." UN building. Conference room of the United Nations. A. A. Gromyko speaks at the UN session. The building of the Soviet Peace Committee. Meeting. K. Simonov and others are speaking. A rally in defense of peace at an automobile plant in Togliatti. Soviet ship in the port of Kampuchea. Unloading the ship. Rallies of protest against the US aggression in Vietnam in different countries. Combat and punitive actions of the US armed forces in Vietnam. World Congress of Peace Forces in Moscow in 1973. Leonid Brezhnev and R. Chandra are present. Soviet people sign the Stockholm Appeal. The Stockholm Appeal is signed by the people of India. The World Parliament of the Peoples of the Planet in Sofia (Bulgaria) in 1980. Present: G. M. Grechko, V. Soloukhin, Yu. Zhukov, L. Korvalan, B. N. Ponomarev, E. Dolmatovsky, E. Fedorov. Delegation of Benin in Ukraine. Sightseeing in Kiev. Chronicle footage: atomic explosion, destroyed Hiroshima, Japanese children with paper cranes, military aircraft [USA] in the sky, a rocket takes off from a submarine [USA], the movement of tanks, tractors with missiles. A rally against the deployment of American nuclear weapons in Western Europe. Leonid Brezhnev speaks at the 26th Congress of the CPSU. Peace March in Moscow.
G. Bobrov
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economic communications
, higher state bodies
, international organizations
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, armed forces
, borbazamir
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V. Usanov
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