Everything Is Fine in America

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The film tells about three political assassinations of our time that took place in the United States from 1963 to 1968. This is the story of the tragic death of US President J.F. Kennedy, leader of the Negro American movement M.L. King and brother of the late President Senator Robert F. Kennedy. This film is a review of the Western press and cinema. Life magazine features a photograph of President Kennedy and Governor Connolly sitting in a car with their wives. Senator R. Kennedy speaks in front of the microphone. Airfield in Dallas. Jacqueline and D. Kennedy get into the car, drive through the airfield, along the city street. People on the sidewalks. Corridor of Parkland Hospital. Airfield in Washington. The coffin with the body of the president is carried out of the plane. Masts with flags at half-mast. LB Johnson takes the oath of office aboard the presidential plane. Photo in the magazine of the members of the presidential assassination commission: Warren, Boggs, Russey, McCloy, A. Dulles, Kupper, Rankin. Warren hands over the commission's volume of conclusions to Johnson (photo). Portrait of Oswald. John drives the streets of New York after his election as president. A check for a rifle bought by Oswald. The window in the warehouse from where the shot was fired. The funeral of the president. Firework. Portrait of the American writer and scientist T. Buchanan, who opposed Warren's report. Photo of the crime scene. Bullet from Evidence Safe. Amateur footage of the moment of D. Kennedy's assassination. The murder of Oswald by the owner of the Carousel nightclub J. Ruby. J. Ruby's lawyer - Tom Howard. A list of the names of persons who were witnesses in the murder of the President and who died one after another for various reasons: the owner of Oswald's apartment - E. ROBERTS, Whaley's chauffeur, who drove Oswald, Lee Bowers - a railroad employee, B. Hunter - a journalist, D. Ruby, Ferry pilot. Murdered by M. L. King. Photos of King's murder suspect - Earl Ray. The house where Ray was hiding, the hotel where he lived. Hotel room. The window from which the shot was fired. King in the crowd, on the street, at a rally. The funeral of M. L. King. R. Kennedy after the California primary. Meeting. Robert in the restaurant kitchen. Murder. The killer is S.B.Sirkhan.
D. Fedorovsky
Film ID
, higher state bodies
, printing
Number of Parts
D. Fedorovsky
Other Creators
Screenplay V. Gevorgyan, composer Sh. Kallosh
Release Date
Has Sound

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