Excavation of the Graves of the Victims of the Nazis in the City of Sevastopol and the Funeral of the Dead

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1 box The city of Sevastopol, May 28-30, 1944. Relatives and close people stand at the site of excavation of human remains, people shot and brutally killed by the Nazis, members of the Communist underground organization in the rear of the Germans (KPOVTN) and residents of Sevastopol, in April 1944 in Yukharina Balka. Wooden coffins next to human remains. Anna Ivanenko mourns her husband Yakov Ivanenko, a worker of a bread factory, a member of an underground organization. Glushchenko, a resident of Sevastopol, near the corpse of her brother, Shaposhnikov. Maria Myakota mourns the loss of her brother - Alexander Sergeevich Myakota, a member of an underground organization. A woman named Lenyuk grieves over the loss of her husband. Mother - Nefedova and two grandmothers Plaksenko and Potapova mourn her daughter and granddaughter Lydia Revyakina (Nefyodova), who was brutally murdered by the Nazis, - a young girl, a Komsomol member, wife of one of the organizers of the underground organization Vasily Dmitrievich Revyakin (also shot in April 1944). Members of the commission to investigate the atrocities of the Nazis, including Captain III rank Yampolsky, an employee of the political department of the Black Sea Fleet, a priest of the Sevastopol parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Boris Evgenievich Pekarchuk near human remains. The remains of people are placed in coffins. Residents of Sevastopol, government officials, Red Navy men at the Communards cemetery on the day of the funeral of the victims of fascism. Captain Pyotr Pavlovich Bulgaria speaks at the memorial meeting; there is an employee of the City Council, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Vasily Petrovich Efremov, underground workers [A.M. Voronov], [Kuzma Maksimovich Anzin]. Red Navy men salute. Local residents against the background of the monument to the Bolsheviks-underground workers and participants in the revolutionary movement, opened on November 22, 1937, with the NDP on the front: “IN MEMORY OF 49 BOLSHEVIKS, COMPANIES AND PARTICIPANTS OF THE REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT IN SEVASTOPOL. TO VICTIMS OF THE WHITE GUARD TERROR ". Type of traces from shells on the plate. The coffins are lowered into a mass grave. A group of people with funeral wreaths. Laying wreaths. 2 box The city of Sevastopol, May 28-30, 1944. A woman cries, bending over a funeral wreath during the funeral at the Communards cemetery of members of the Communist underground organization and residents of Sevastopol, who were killed by the Nazis in April 1944. Adults and children at the coffins with human bodies. Funeral wreaths at the mass grave. Clergymen Boris Evgenievich Pekarchuk and Stepan Zheltikov perform a memorial service.
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the second world war
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F. Ovsyannikov, A. Golomb, N. Petrosov
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