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The film tells about the life of elderly people in one of the nursing homes, about their loneliness with adult children. 1 part. Summer, children ride carousels in the courtyard of the kindergarten, play on the playground. The teacher calms the crying boy. Children look out from behind the fence. A woman in a white coat closes the gate of the Nursing Home. Arch of a house, an elderly woman is passing by. NDP on the three-story building of the Nursing Home. An elderly man stands on the balcony. Elderly people are sitting on benches in the yard. A man plays the accordion in his room. A nurse weighs a woman on a scale. A nurse helps an elderly woman climb the stairs. People dance in the restaurant, smoke at tables, drink. A man makes a toast to the health of his parents (sync.). Residents of the nursing home talk about their children, about loneliness in old age (sinhr.). Fish swim in the aquarium. An elderly woman walks around the yard. A man washes his hands at the tap in the yard. Elderly women stand on their balconies, sadly looking at the street behind the fence. The woman is knitting on the balcony. The accordion player performs in front of the elderly in the courtyard. View of one of the rooms. Corridor. An elderly man's room, his photographs on the walls, a panorama of the objects on the table. A man is sitting by the window, reading a newspaper. An elderly man on the street holds a flower in his hands, looks at the sky. View of elderly people sitting on a bench (filmed from behind a fence). Part 2. A woman in a white coat closes the gate of the Nursing Home. An elderly woman stands in the arch of a building. An elderly man sits in a chair, talks about how well he is looked after in the Nursing Home, that no one visits the residents of the house (sinhr.). An employee of the Nursing Home, who worked there for 25 years, talks about the tragedy of the inhabitants who have children and who were left alone at the end of their lives (sinhr.). NDP for the elderly. A husband of the rank and a woman are sitting on a bench, basking in the sun. An elderly woman sits at the window, an elderly man looks out the window, - their hands. A woman knits and loosens wool, cries. An elderly man at the window fingering his rosary. The inhabitants of the house look at the closed gate. An elderly woman looks out into the street from behind the bars of the fence. A little boy looks out from behind a fence in a kindergarten. Children in the garden run out to meet their parents who have come for them. Parents hug their children, take them home.
R. Gevorkyants
Film ID
preschool education
, situation of various populations
, social security
Number of Parts
Y. Babakhanyan
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There is no data
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Has Sound

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