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Academician Yu. V. Bramley speaks about the purpose of the film - to tell about the artistic culture of the Russian people, about its modern functioning, about the study of this culture in ethnographic expeditions. Women from one of the villages of the Belgorod region, where hand weaving has survived to this day, at the looms during the manufacture of rugs and dresses. Young and old villagers in national costumes at the festival. Nizhny Tagil. View of new and old wooden houses. View of the Nizhne-Tagil Metallurgical Plant. Smelting metal in the open-hearth shop. The exhibits of the plant's museum are an old bicycle, a sample of an old steam locomotive, antique metal furniture, painted lacquered trays. Type of genre pictures on metal - products of old masters. Painting of trays by the craftswomen of the Nizhniy Tagil plant, who mastered the craft of free brush painting of the 18-19th centuries. Hand painting of dishes at the Kanakovsky faience factory. View of ready-made sets using old motives. The production process of making tableware at the Dulevo Porcelain Factory. View of the finished painted service. A resident of Nizhny Tagil I.A.Orlov with his grandson in a new apartment, where along with new furniture, modern products, there are handicrafts - products from Gzhel, Khokhloma, painted trays. Participants of one of the ethnographic expeditions in the village of Polkhov, Maidan, Gorky Region. Making wooden dishes on lathes in the workshop, painting wooden products - the so-called Polkhov Maidan painting, which absorbed the experience of the entire artistic culture of the Volga region. Type of painted nesting dolls, mushrooms. Members of an ethnographic expedition record old songs on a tape recorder in one of the villages. The villagers lead round dances and sing old songs. Type of products of various old crafts - Vologda lace, Pavlovsk scarves. Rural landscape. Panorama of the lakes and rivers of Siberia.
A. Mironov
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, scenery
, metallurgical industry
, museums
, porcelain and faience industry
, decorative and applied art
, ethnography
, peoples life
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A. Chervyakov
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