External Economic Relations of the USSR

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A film about some forms of interaction with foreign partners, about the creation of joint ventures on the territory of the USSR and abroad. Unloading of foreign ships in the port of Nakhodka. Opening of the International Industrial Exhibition in Moscow. Speakers: Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the USSR Chamber of Commerce and Industry Golanov, Academician E.P. Velikhov. Sale of Soviet-made goods in shops in Prague. Soviet and Czechoslovak scientists are conducting joint research in the laboratories of the Center for Biotechnology, located on the territory of Czechoslovakia. Production of equipment for gas compressor stations in the shops of the Czech plant "CHKD - Elektrotekhnika" using the technology of the Leningrad association "Electrosila". Production of hydraulic cranes at the plant named after "January Uprising" in Odessa, established in conjunction with European firms. Germany. Firm "Khomatek", working in conjunction with the Moscow Machine-Tool Plant named after S. Ordzhonikidze. Workers in the shops of the plant named after S. Ordzhonikidze. Computer department of "Homatek" company. Leningrad enterprise "Lenvest" for the production of footwear together with the West German firm "Salamander". Workers work in the shops of the firm "Salamander" in Kornwestheim (Germany). Employees of the Soviet joint-stock company "Tento", which supplies goods to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, at work. Office rooms with computers of the joint Soviet-French-Italian firm "Interkvadro". Signing of the Agreement on the supply of personal computers to the USSR at the Olivetti office in Moscow. Exhibition of personal computers of the "Olivetti" company in Vladivostok. The representative of the company Mariotti (Italy) is speaking. Far East. Preparing the land for planting ginseng root. Signing of documents on the establishment of a joint Soviet-Chinese enterprise for the cultivation of ginseng.
V. Safronov
Film ID
economic communications
, scientific connections
, cultural connections
, sea transport
, international trade
, westgermany
, biology
, machine tool industry
Number of Parts
A. Lebedev, V. Stupin
Other Creators
Screenplay by Y. Vedernikov, sound by Y. Ogandzhanov
Release Date
Has Sound

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