Eye of the Typhoon

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Volcanic eruption, clouds of smoke, lava flows; crack on the highway. Snow-covered steam locomotive. Cracked earth; flooded land, destroyed bridges. Wave "Tsunami". Tokyo city; skyscrapers, buildings of official institutions, a hotel, the building of the US embassy. Workers' quarters with wooden dwelling houses. Cars on the streets of the city. Monorail trains are going. Ready-made Toyota cars at the car factory. Production of cinematographic and television sets in the workshops of the Sony company. Construction of ships at a shipyard. Classes at the business school. The peasants are planting rice in the fields. Soldiers, policemen are driving the peasants from the fields. Imitation pearl catchers are working. Cultured pearl plantations in the water. Collecting shells with oysters in special water "fields". Japanese miners. A wounded miner who suffered from a mine accident is being carried over. Manufacture of toys in small and medium-sized enterprises. Selling toys in the store. Fish market auction. Interview with millionaire T. Doko, trade unionist K. Ota, worker Hiratsuke, housewife Kai (synchronously) about the economic success of Japan. American military bases in Japan. Rallies, demonstrations of Japanese workers demanding higher wages, against the deployment of American bases in Japan. Transport workers strike. The police disperse the strikers, demonstrators. Monument to the victims of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japanese temples-pagodas. Rock garden. Kamikaze Museum. Japanese women at the tea making ceremony. The people welcomed Emperor Hirohito and members of the imperial family. On the podium - members of the Japanese government, headed by E. Sato. Interview with former journalists Ryo Nakahira, who met in 1920. with V.I. Lenin.
Yu Monglovsky
Film ID
, automobile transport
, japan
, railway transport
, religion
, automotive industry
, trade
, military communications
, cities
, fuel industry
, natural disasters
, museums
, 2nd world war
, electronic industry
, everyday life
, higher state bodies
, agriculture
, diplomatic relations
, social and political movement
, shipbuilding industry
, handicraft industry
, production of cultural goods
, education
Number of Parts
Yu Monglovsky, V. Khodyakov
Other Creators
Sound K. Nikitin, music by M. Meerovich, script B. Chekhonin
Release Date
Has Sound

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