Face of French Nationality

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A fiction film about the adventures of Valiko, a prisoner who escaped from the colony. Valiko works in logging. When a felled tree falls, it escapes from the colony at the same time with everyone. In the taiga, the meteorologist Ivanich dresses Valiko, the shop assistant and cook Adelia feeds, and the policeman takes him to school, like a teacher of French. His portraits are hung on the walls of houses; he is the only one of the escaped prisoners who has not been found. Every day Valiko tries to leave the mining village, but he fails. Gradually, he gets to know teachers and local residents. The children fell in love with the new teacher and imperceptibly tear down his portraits with the inscription "Wanted". After serving the due time, plus for escaping, he returns to the village school with knowledge of the French language. Cast: V.O. Maisuradze - Valiko, escaped prisoner, A.N. Mikhalkova - Svetlana, teacher, A.B. Seridenko - Svetlana's fiancé, Valiko's neighbor in the hostel, prospector (in the credits: A. Seredenko), V.G. Smirnitsky - policeman, head of the section, Yu.V. Nazarov - Ivanych, meteorologist, O.V. Mashnaya - Adelia, cook, V.B. Spout - school director, A.N. Merzlikin - a young policeman
I. Khotinenko
Film ID
deprivation of liberty
, militia
, correctional labor institutions
, participation of the population in the protection of the public order and socialist property
Number of Parts
A. Naidenov, V. Chernozubov
Other Creators
scriptwriter O. Severin, production designers M. Pozdneeva, I. Korina, O. Bozhko, composers A. Lunev, D. Shepilov, sound engineer N. Mosin, costume designer E. Mikhailovskaya, makeup V. Morgacheva, M. Bershachevskaya , editing by N. Sazhin, script development by M. Kurochkin, editors S. Loznitsa, S. Luchishin, D. Pozarenko, I. Olenev, producer R. Borisevich
Release Date
Has Sound

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