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The film tells about the janitor of the Ordzhonikidze gas equipment plant, the mother of seven children Anna Mikhailovna Didenko and her children, six of whom are adopted, whom she brings up alone. 1 part. North Ossetia, Ordzhonikidze. View of the city in the winter in the evening. A street lamp shines through the tree branches. Cars are driving on the highway. Daughter A.M. Didenkos son and daughter are walking along the sidewalk, talking about Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden (behind the scenes). AM Didenko prepares food in the kitchen. Siamese cat on the couch. There is a Christmas tree in the room. Daughter A.M. Didenko with her son and daughter enter the apartment, congratulate the grandmother on the upcoming New Year (sinhr.). Daughters, grandchildren and granddaughters A.M. Didenko set the table, sit at the festive table. Anna Mikhailovna wishes everyone a Happy New Year (sinhr.). Children's things hang on a rope in the courtyard of the house; snowing. A doll's carriage stands near the house. Women carry children in strollers; snowing. A.M.Didenko shows photographs of the daughters of Vera, Nadia, Juliet, Anna, Lyuba and son Gennady, talks about them (sinhr.). Group photo of A.M. Didenko with children. Photo of A.M. Didenko, which hung on the Hall of Fame of the plant. Juliet Didenko in the shop works at the machine. Top view of the workshop. Juliet talks about her own mother (sinhr.). Gena plays football in the classroom and in the school yard. Part 2 The courtyard of the house where A.M. Didenko lives with his children. The clothes are dried on the line. Snow falls on the baby carriage. The daughter of A.M. Didenko - Galina ironing the linen in the room, talks about her sister Nadya, who, having learned from a neighbor that she was not Anna Mikhailovna's own daughter, wanted to commit suicide (sinhr.). Galya says that she knows only her last name about her own mother, that she has her own house, family, adult children (sinhr.) A.M. Didenko sweeps the territory of the plant, talks with a man, says that she was not paid money for the work performed ( sync., behind the scenes). Workers and employees of the Gazoapparat plant say that A.M. Didenko did not receive an apartment, despite the fact that she is a mother of many children (sinhr.). A.M. Didenko says how she asked for help from the factory, but did not receive support (sinhr.). The author of the film talks with the former deputy chairman of the district executive committee, director of the technical school of Soviet trade, A.B.Shestakova, asks her why A.M.Didenko did not receive an apartment (sinhr.) A.M. Didenko at home, on a walk in the forest. Grandchildren and granddaughters A.M. Didenko are playing in the room. The boy is swinging on a swing in the room. Children's toys. One of the daughters of A.M. Didenko, who works as a painter at a construction site, says that Anna Mikhailovna never shows resentment and when it is difficult for her, she goes into the forest and calms down there (sinhr.) The situation in the apartment of her own daughter Lyuba. The girl sews on a sewing machine. And, M. Didenko (behind the scenes) says that she dreams of her own apartment, hopes that she will receive it.
V. Guluev
Film ID
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V. Guluev
Other Creators
scriptwriters E. Panteleev, V. Guluev, sound engineer V. Kachurin, editor Y. Litvinov, film director V. Sabaev
Release Date
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