Faithful Sons of the People

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The film, created for the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Army and Navy, demonstrates the power of the USSR Armed Forces, their constant combat readiness, and modern technical equipment. The duty shift of officers takes over the combat posts at the point where strategic ballistic missiles are located. A rocket in the mine. A combat watch of locators in the mountains at an altitude of 4 thousand meters, in the desert, in the Far North. Air defense command post. Control exercise: an interceptor aircraft takes off into the air, releases fighter missiles, destroying a simulated enemy bomber. Maneuvers of a large tank formation in cooperation with various types and branches of the armed forces. Forcing the river. Tanks enter the water, move under water using a compass. The release of troops, military equipment from airplanes and helicopters. Cars are dropping parts of the pontoon bridge. Actions of sappers to build a pontoon bridge across the river. Gunners direct anti-aircraft missiles to hit the target. Refueling a missile carrier in the air. Combat exercises of surface ships. Missile, torpedo boats. Launching a self-guided torpedo. Anti-submarine ships are shooting. Nuclear submarine under the ice of the North Pole. Torpedoes undermine the multi-meter thickness of ice. The boat floats out of the water. Raising the banner at the North Pole. Students of the Academy of the General Staff in the classroom. USSR Defense Minister A. Grechko is speaking. Seeing off conscripts to the army on the platform of one of the Moscow train stations, in the Russian and Georgian villages. Soldiers during drill, theoretical, combat training on the parade ground, in a training class, at a combat weapon. Taking the military oath. Newsreel. Parades on Red Square: Red Army soldiers are passing by, cavalry, carts, anti-aircraft guns, cyclists, armored cars, tanks are passing by. Victory Parade on June 24, 1945 on Red Square.
B. Nebylickiy
Film ID
higher professional education
, air force
, state holidays
, navy
, strategic missile forces
, ground troops
Number of Parts
A. Istomin, E. Yatsun, V. Citron, O. Artseulov, Yu. Korovkin, V. Kiselev, O. Lebedev, A. Berlin
Other Creators
Script E. Vorobiev, B. Nebylitsky, music E. Krylatov, sound V. Baranochnikov, Y. Zorin, Y. Ogandzhanov, E. Umansky
Release Date
Has Sound

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