Far East Number 3

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The city of Nakhodka. Pre-election meeting of workers of the Nakhodka factory of fishing gear for the nomination of a candidate for the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR. Factory worker TP Bredova accepts congratulations on the occasion of her nomination as a candidate for deputy. Amur Region, Raichikhins. Meeting of miners of the Yugo-Zapadny coal mine, dedicated to the nomination of candidates for the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR A. N. Kosygin and assistant excavator driver S. A. Filippchenko. Khabarovsk. Meeting of workers of the Khabarovsk shipyard on the nomination of candidates for deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR Leonid Brezhnev and the foreman of the plant painters NP Dmitriev. Primorsky Krai. Production processes in the shops of the Khorolsky dairy plant. Presentation of certificates of honor to the workers of the plant, who fulfilled their annual plan ahead of schedule. The Snow Maiden congratulates the winners of the socialist competition. Spinning shop at the Blagoveshchensk cotton-spinning factory in the Amur Region. She is working multi-stationer A.P. Polyakova, who has fulfilled the five-year plan in 3 years. Repair of the vessel at the Petropavlovsk shipyard "Freza". The brigade of MN Alekseev, holder of the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, is working. International ball hockey match in Khabarovsk between the teams of Sweden and the Khabarovsk Army Sports Club. Moments of the game.
V. Vasilenko
Film ID
, cultural connections
, food industry
, sports
, textile industry
, percussion
, shipbuilding industry
, sweden
, electoral system
Number of Parts
M. Ryzhov, I. Zinatulin, A. Ignatiev, V. Sosnovsky, V. Kruglov
Other Creators
Text by A. Ilyukhov
Release Date
Has Sound

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