Farewell to Marshal of the Soviet Union V I Chuikov The Funeral of Marshal of the Soviet Union VI Chuikov

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Moscow city. In the hall of the Central House of the Soviet Army, a coffin with the body of twice Hero of the Soviet Union V.I. Chuikov is installed. The funeral watch is carried out by members of the government commission for organizing the funeral, headed by Marshal of the Soviet Union V.G. Kulikov. Military leaders, party and state leaders are on the guard of honor: D.F. Ustinov, M.S.Gorbachev, V.V. Grishin, K.U.Chernenko, V.V. Kuznetsov, I.V. Ogarkov, V. G. Kulikov, P. S. Kutakhov, A. I. Koldunov, S. G. Gorshkov, I. Kh. Baghramyan, A. I. Gribkov, A. T. Altunin, K. S. Moskalenko , SK Kurkotkin, VM Shabanov, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, officers and others. The leaders of the Soviet government express their condolences to the wife and children of the deceased. The city of Volgograd. The coffin with the body of the late V. I. Chuikov is being carried out of the building of the garrison House of Officers. The coffin is placed on a gun carriage. The funeral procession goes to the Mamaev Kurgan. View of the sculpture "Motherland". The funeral meeting dedicated to the memory of Marshal V. I. Chuikov, opens Marshal of the Soviet Union V. G. Kulikov. At the meeting are: L. Kulichenko, A. Altunin, P. N. Laschenko and others. Relatives and friends say goodbye to V. I. Chuikov. The funeral procession passes through the building of the pantheon to the Square of Sorrow, where the coffin is lowered into the grave under volleys of artillery fireworks. The units of the Volgograd garrison are passing by in formation. A brass band is playing. Volgograd residents are standing. Relatives and friends of the deceased at the grave.
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the great patriotic war
, armed forces
, funeral
, communist party
, higher state bodies
, monuments
, cities
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A. Istomin, G. Epifanov, E. Marfel
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