Farewell to the Spindle

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Part 1 The woman is spinning on a spindle. Demonstration of the VD-200 spinning machine. The head of the development of the new spinning machine talks about the reasons for removing the spindle from the spinning technology and replacing it with a rotor chamber (sync.). The woman spins yarn with a spindle. The spinning machine is operating, where the main working part is the spindle. The spinner works at a ring spinning machine, where the spindle has reached its peak speed and its further increase has become impractical. V. Raglena talks about solving the problem in collaboration with scientists and specialists from the Soviet Union (sinhr.). Prague. View of the buildings of the old city. Scientists and specialists from Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union in the laboratories of a research institute for the development of a new machine for spinning cotton spinning - DB. V. Raglena talks about mutually beneficial cooperation (sinhr.). Demonstration of the process of work of a new machine. Part 2 The assembly shop of the "Illitex" enterprise for the assembly of individual units of the spindleless machine BD-200. The workers are working. Shop of the Moscow cotton factory (from the top point), factory director, Doctor of Technical Sciences, F.M. Plekhanov talks about the initial stage of the introduction of rotor-mechanical cotton spinning and its results (sync.). Spinners at work at machines BD-200 and its modifications.
V. Alkhimov
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A. Tarasov
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