Fathers Field

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A plowed field. The tractor is working. The chairman of the collective farm named after Silnitskiy Polotsk region EI Kimstag in the field, talks about the impact of weather on the yield (synchronously). Rain. Tractor "Belarus", harvester in the machine yard. Tractors in the rain. Dance floor. Brigadier of the collective farm "Bolshevik" NE Pavlov talks about the difficulties in the work (synchronously). The teacher talks about the absence of young people in the village (synchronously). Interview with a bus driver, a former villager (synchronously). The collective farm choir at the rehearsal. Construction of a cottage on the Silnitsky collective farm. Kimstag is talking to a man and a woman in his office. Sports competitions on the farm: lifting weights, tug-of-war, competition in strength. Awarding the best tractor drivers. Hero of Socialist Labor Kruzhnaya in the family circle, talking with his granddaughter. The youth is dancing. Kimstag on fostering a love of work in children (synchronously). Children play in the straw. The Shitor brothers in the meadow, mow. Kimstag talks with a tractor driver about drunkenness (synchronously). The guys are carrying vegetables on a school tractor. The guys are driving a tractor, working on the school site. The Shaitor brothers are at the admissions office of the school, they are engaged in the class of harvesters. School students for classes, at the morning ruler, at lunch. Kimstag talks in his office with a soldier who has arrived at the collective farm. The head of the pig-breeding complex gives interviews, talks with workers. Village. Boat on the lake. Women on the shore of the lake with linen. Milking a cow. Harvesting potatoes on a private plot. Kimstag congratulates the bride and groom. Wedding song. The young are sprinkled with grain. Children in kindergarten. Asphalting a collective farm yard.
Y. Lysyatov
Film ID
urban transport
, school education
, household farm
, sports
, everyday life
, preschool education
, population
, agriculture
, professional education
, awards
Number of Parts
S. Petrovsky
Other Creators
Screenplay S. Borodovsky, Y. Lysyatov
Release Date
Has Sound

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