Feast of Hope

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The plot is dedicated to the national liberation war of Algeria 1954-1962. Types of settlements in Algeria. Residents dance in the streets. Columns of cars are driving along the road. Desert landscape. Type of industrial enterprises in Algeria. Residents are engaged in household work: they bathe children, clean the house, carry vessels with water. Demonstration of the inhabitants of Algeria, dedicated to the memory of those killed in the national liberation war. Types of villages, villages burned down as a result of the battles of the troops of the Front of National Liberation (FLN) with the French colonialists. Algerian partisans are walking through the forest. Moments of dispersal of demonstrations in various cities around the world. Algerian children play, pose for the camera, comb their hair, study in class. Algerian partisans are listening to a receiver in a dugout. The steamer "Bulgaria" with humanitarian aid from the People's Republic of Bulgaria is sailing to the shores of Algeria. Moments of hostilities of the FLN soldiers against the French troops. A group of Algerian refugees are returning home. Various moments of the holiday dedicated to the end of the war, the liberation of Algeria from the French colonialists.
H. Ganev
Film ID
social and political movement
, national liberation struggle of algeria 1954-1962
, school education
, automobile transport
, political connections algeria and bulgaria
, everyday life
, sea transport
, landscapes
, r
Number of Parts
H. Kovachev
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There is no data
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