Feeling the Era

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The film was edited from Russian newsreels from 1918-1922, stored in the RGAKFD. Moscow, Red Square, orchestra in front of the GUM building. A car with demonstrators is driving across the square. The Red Army soldier is loading his rifle, taking aim. The girls are carrying a banner "KOMSOMOL SHOOTER IN THE FIGHT AGAINST ALCOHOLISM", the boys are marching behind. A scene from the play. Street performance. Demonstration on the street (filmed from the top point). Feast. Collection. Performance on stage. Workers are having lunch at a table in the back room, a man is arguing with a woman at the table. View of the springboard in winter. Cars on one of the streets of Moscow. A man beats a woman. Women sit at the table, write on sheets of paper, the teacher writes letters on the blackboard with chalk. People on the street in winter. A man washes his head in a basin. The face of an elderly man. The horse detachment gallops across the field. The locomotive goes on the rails. - faces of the Red Army. Train carriages. The Red Army men are digging out the railway tracks from the snow. The carriages of the train are standing among the snow drifts. The conductor at the carriage smiles. Monastery, a Red Army soldier addresses the nuns. The Krasnoarmeisky wagon train is driving along the road, followed by a detachment. Passengers got off the train cars, walk along the platform. A man on the platform is chopping wood, children are running around. Moscow, winter, Red Army soldiers on Revolution Square, the building of the Metropol Hotel. Men in fur jackets by the car. Burnt building. The man is beside the priest, makes an inventory of the icons confiscated from the church. Boys are accepted into pioneers, they tie ties. - children's faces. Summer, the kid is sitting at the table. Visitors at the tables of an open restaurant. Men ride bicycles down the street. Citizens are resting on the river bank. Men swim in the river. Men in T-shirts throw a man in the air on the street. The Red Army soldiers are guarding the building. VI Lenin at the Tsar Cannon in the Kremlin talks with VD Bonch-Bruevich. V. I. Lenin stands on the Senate Square. The orchestra plays on the stage of the Summer Theater, the audience is in the hall. Petrograd, men are loading boxes from the back of a car to the entrance to the Winter Palace in front of a large crowd of people. People speak at a memorial meeting. A detachment of children leaves the pier by the river, children are carrying bales. The barge departs from the dock, the passengers sit, stand closely on the deck, waving their caps. View of the city (filmed from the deck of the barge). River banks (filmed from deck)
M. Sadchikova
Film ID
komsomol and other youth organizations
, railroad transport
, road transport
, demonstrations
, pioneer organization
, river transport
, public catering
, the relationship between the state
, natural disasters
, theatre
, out-of-school general education
, situation of various populations
, peoples life
, cities
, religionchurch
, rallies
, civil war in russia
, music
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