Fifteen Days in the Soviet Union

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Stay in the USSR of a delegation of the Swedish Riksdag (parliament) headed by G. Nilsson. Receiving members of the delegation in the Kremlin, AP Volkov, VT Latsis, KE Voroshilov. Exploring the Kremlin sights by Swedish parliamentarians, visiting Moscow State University, the V. I. Lenin State Library, the opera performance of the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR "Eugene Onegin", the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition, the Moscow stadium "Dynamo" during a football match between the teams "Dynamo" (Moscow ) and Shakhtar (Stalino). Trips of the parliamentary delegation of Sweden in the years. Stalingrad, Kiev, Stalino, Baku, Tbilisi, Sochi, Yalta, Tashkent, Samarkand, Leningrad. Acquaintance with the sights of the cities. Delegation laying a wreath at the grave of the defenders of Stalingrad, visiting the Stalingrad Tractor Plant; a boat trip along the Volga-Don canal; visiting the Kiev machine-tool plant named after Gorky, one of the mines of Stalino in Donbass, oil fields in the vicinity of Baku, a metallurgical plant in Rustavi, sanatoriums on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, Tashkent textile mill, cotton fields of the Stalin collective farm in Uzbekistan. Inspection by the delegation of the Swedish Riksdag of architectural monuments in. Samarkand, Leningrad, Petrodvorets. Visit to the Hermitage. Seeing the delegation at the Leningrad airfield.
M. Slavinskaya
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political connections
, higher state bodies
, sweden
Number of Parts
I. Grachev, L. Kotlyarenko, A. Kochetkov, A. Listvin, M. Oshurkov, V. Khodyakov
Other Creators
Sound D. Uzdin, text L. Braslavsky, assistant director S. Pumpyanskaya
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