Fight for Kiev

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A film about the maneuvers of the armed units of the Kiev Military District. 1 part. Views of the city of Kiev, the Dnieper river. Meeting KE Voroshilov, SM Budyonny at the railway station in Kiev. Present: G. I. Petrovsky, P. P. Postyshev, I. V. Kosior and others. The movement of tank, cavalry, infantry units. Representatives of the military missions of France, Czechoslovakia, Italy. The commanders of the "blue" and "red" armies are AS Bubnov and Turovsky. Types, landscapes of Ukrainian villages. Residents welcome the participants in the maneuvers. Part 2. The offensive of the "blues". Soldiers on vacation, watching the movie "Chapaev". Present: K. Ye. Voroshilov, P. P. Postyshev, A. I. Egorov, P. P. Lyubchenko. 3-4 parts. Types of streets, squares of the city of Kiev. Transport, pedestrian traffic. Children in the park. "air" alarm. Osoaviakhimovtsy at the posts: degassing the area, extinguishing the fire. Blue aircraft in the air. Parachute landing. Part 5. Military airfield "blue". Landing of bombers. The movement of tanks, armored trains, armored cars. Fighting "blue" and "red". Part 6. Fighting "red" and "blue". Counteroffensive by the "Reds". Crossing tanks on the pontoon bridge, wade. The movement of the cavalry, infantry. Present: K. E. Voroshilov, I. E. Yakir. Part 7. The bugler gives a clear signal for maneuvers. Participants in the maneuvers in the bath, shower, tidy up their uniforms, play billiards, write letters, dance, talk with local residents. Military parade in honor of the end of the maneuvers. Speaker - K. E. Voroshilov. Present: A. I. Egorov, I. E. Yakir, I. Kosior, P. P. Postyshev, P. P. Lyubchenko. Part 8. The city of Kiev. Residents of the city welcomed the participants in the maneuvers. KE Voroshilov drives by in an open car. Military parade on the city square. Present: SM Budyonny, KE Voroshilov, IV Kosior.
L. Antsi-Polovsky, S. Bubrik, N. Karmazinsky, P. Malakhov
Film ID
, urban transport
, cinematography
, relaxation
, international connections
, everyday life
, civil defense
, maneuvers
, armed forces
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
LP Steinberg, N. Bertrand, B. Verkhovsky
Release Date
Has Sound

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