Fighting for the City of Vienna and Vienna After Liberation

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1 box "STORM OF VIENNA AND FIGHTS ON THE STREETS OF THE CITY" (Operators - Frolov A.I., Mamedov D.M., Rogachevsky B.M., Sokolnikov I.I., Aslanov G.G .; VS 466-467, VS 492, VS 495, VS 507, VS 510, VS 512, VS 540, VS 565) On April 13, 1945, the troops of the 3rd Ukrainian Front, with the assistance of the troops of the 2nd Ukrainian Front, entered the Austrian capital Vienna. Street battles of gunners, mortarmen; the Soviet infantry goes into battle; submachine gunners shoot under the cover of tanks and self-propelled guns; burning and destroyed buildings; a signalman works on the street; volleys "Katyusha"; after the battle, the soldiers say goodbye to the killed foreman of the 2nd Guards Brigade Zhukov; preserved old buildings of Vienna; escorting captured Germans. Soviet banner in the sky over the city. Austrian National Guard soldiers and locals return to Vienna. 330.8 m 2 box "VIENNA IN THE FIRST DAYS AFTER THE RELEASE" (Operators - I.A. Chiknoverov, K.P. Duplensky, G.G. Aslanov, I.D.Grachev, B.M. Rogachevsky, D.M. Mamedov; VS 491, VS 508, VS 511-512, VS 565, VS 676) Burning buildings and smoky streets of Vienna. Local residents welcome Soviet soldiers; dancing on the street; Nadezhda Bogomolova from Kharkov, liberated by the Red Army, communicates with the soldiers. In the Schönbrunn park (summer residence of the Habsburgs, XYIII century) Soviet soldiers and townspeople rest; inspecting captured German equipment. Column of Soviet military vehicles on a mountain road in Austria. 298.9 m3 box "COMMAND OF THE 3rd UKRAINIAN FRONT" (Operators - Chiknoverov I.A., Aslanov G.G., Sokolnikov I.I., Afanasyev V.I., Rymarev D.G., Ryashentsev K.M., Stoyanovskiy S. A., Frolov A.I .; VS 397, VS 466-467, VS 540, VS 502, VS 509-510, VS 532, VS 562, VS 566) Commander of the 3rd Ukrainian Front Marshal Fedor Ivanovich Tolbukhin with the chief of staff Lieutenant General Semyon Pavlovich Ivanov and members of the Military Council, Colonel General Alexei Sergeevich Zheltov and Major General Vladimir Mikhailovich Lajok, in the headquarters building and on the streets of Vienna; at a meeting with the new Austrian government led by President Karl Renner. Marshal Semyon Konstantinovich Timoshenko with his entourage inspects the destroyed Viennese factories. Hero of the Soviet Union Sergeant Major Grigory Efimovich Korobov and Senior Lieutenant Velichko S.M. walk in the Vienna Woods. The city is inspected from a high point: Colonel General of Artillery Mitrofan Ivanovich Nedelin, Guards Major General Mikhail Panteleevich Tsikalo and Guards Major General Andrei Ivanovich Ratov; Lieutenant General Nikanor Dmitrievich Zakhvataev, commander of the 4th Guards Army of the 3rd Ukrainian Front, looks through binoculars, next to Colonel Dmitry Timofeevich Shepilov. The commander of the 6th Tank Army, Hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel-General Andrei Grigorievich Kravchenko among the tank officers. Commander of the 2nd Sulino Brigade of the Danube Flotilla, Captain II Rank Alexander Fedorovich Arzhavkin with Senior Lieutenant Nikolayev on the lead boat. At the observation post of the 20th Guards Rifle Corps of the Guard, Major General Nikolai Ivanovich Biryukov with staff officers is monitoring the enemy. The commander of the 52nd Rifle Division, Major General Leonid Mikhailovich Milyaev, with the chief of artillery, Colonel Podmogilny, in the liberated village of Macha (Hungary), congratulate the soldiers on their victory. 332.5 m4 box "ATTRACTIONS OF VIENNA" (Operators - GG Aslanov, VI Afanasyev, II Sokolnikov; VS 512, VS 562, VS 565-566, VS 575-576) Parliament building in Vienna with a sculpture of Pallas Athena; Ringostrasse street; Russian Orthodox Church (St. Nicholas Cathedral, late 19th century); Hofburg (winter residence of the Habsburgs), a monument to Maria Theresa; the Church of the Capuchins; the house where Franz Schubert lived; house, grave and monument to Johann Strauss; monument to Joseph Radetzky. Streets of Vienna with many pedestrians; Red Army soldiers and local residents are restoring a bridge over the canal; tomb of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Guard Major Postny Alexei Vladimirovich. Soldiers and commanders of the Soviet army for a walk in the Schönbrunn.neg park. 233.7 m 5 cor. "AVIATION AND THE DANUBE FLOTILY" (Operators - V.I. Afanasyev, G.G. Aslanov, D.G. Rymarev, K.M. Ryashentsev, I.A.Zaporozhsky, R.V. Petrosov; VS 488, VS 512 , VS 532, VS 677-678) Soviet attack aircraft in the skies over Vienna. City buildings, Danube river. Boats of the Danube flotilla in the roads. On one of the lead boats, the commander of the 2nd Sulinskaya brigade of river ships, Captain II Rank Alexander Fedorovich Arzhavkin, next to him was Senior Lieutenant Nikolaev. On the shore a group of boat commanders: in the center, Hero of the Soviet Union, Senior Lieutenant Vorobyov Konstantin Ivanovich. Coastal artillery and armored boats fire at the enemy. 202.6 m6 box "PROMOTION OF PARTS OF THE RED ARMY TO VIENNA" (Operators - Grachev I.D., Aslanov G.G., Mamedov D.M., Sokolnikov I.I., Duplensky K.P., Chiknoverov I.A., Afanasyev V. I .; VS 490-492, VS 495, VS 501, VS 522, VS 562, VS 567) The movement of Soviet military equipment and military towards Vienna. A German cemetery in one of the villages. Oil region of Hungary with oil rigs. Oil-filled railway tank cars left by the Germans. 289.5 m7 box "FIGHTS ON THE VIENNA DIRECTION" (Operators - Mamedov D.M., Aslanov G.G., Chiknoverov I.A., Stoyanovskiy S.A., Sologubov A.I., Grachev I.D .; BC 19, BC 490 , VS 492, VS 497, VS 499, VS 502) Battles for the city of Szekesfehervar (Hungary). Soldiers bandaging the guard senior sergeant Pavlenkov. The liberated Zeit refinery in Veszprem. In the city of Varpalota, the Red Army are fighting near the monastery. Military equipment passes along the road. An offensive in the area of Lake Balaton. The commander of the 1292 rifle regiment, Major Abrukin G.D. at the observation post. A large accumulation of broken fascist equipment. 295.7 m8 box "PROMOTION OF THE SOVIET ARMY AND FIGHTS ON THE CLOSE APPROACHES TO THE CITY OF VENE" (Operators - A. Frolov, S. Stoyanovsky, D. Mamedov, I. Sokolnikov, I. Zaporozhsky, R. Petrosov V., Chiknoverov I.A .; VS 466-467, VS 540, VS 492-495, VS 499, VS 502, VS 677-678) Soviet soldiers in the trenches before the attack. At the observation post of the guard, Lieutenant Colonel Nikulin Andrey Matveyevich. The sailors are firing from an artillery cannon disguised in the bushes. The movement of Soviet troops, equipment and carts in the cities of Hungary. Crossing the river Laita (right tributary of the Danube) on the border with Austria. The commander of the 68th Rifle Corps, Major General Nikolai Nikolaevich Shkodunovich, with officers overseeing the construction of a pontoon bridge and the crossing of military equipment. 252.8 m9 box "FIGHTS ON THE APPROACHES TO VIENNA" (Operators - V. Afanasiev, D. Mamedov, I. Sokolnikov, D. Rymarev, K. Ryashentsev, I. Zaporozhsky, R. Petrosov .; VS 488, VS 492, VS 494, VS 510, VS 532, VS 677-678) Soviet attack aircraft in the air. Boats of the Danube flotilla in the roads. The officers bent over the map: regiment commander Lieutenant Colonel Volkov F.S., head of the political department Major Mironov M.I., deputy regiment commander Major Pukhov L.F., chief of regiment staff Major Tukovsky, assistant regiment commander Major A. Antonov Soldiers are preparing for firing "Katyusha": the commander of the guards gun senior sergeant Minosyan Narciss Saakovich; guard gunner senior sergeant Romanishchin Alexey Dmitrievich; private loader Maimikov Shirkbai; radio operators: Stepanov Nikolai Petrovich and Budko Yegor Ilyich. Senior Sergeant Rogachev Alexander Ivanovich turns on the rocket launcher. Volleys of "Katyusha" at the enemy. Commander of the 21st Guards Rifle Corps of the 2nd Ukrainian Front, Hero of the Soviet Union, National Hero of Yugoslavia, Major General Kozak Semyon Antonovich, with his entourage, inspects the Katyusha ready to fire. 212.5 m10 box "VEIN. FIGHTS FOR THE LIBERATION OF THE CITY "(Operators - Mamedov D.M., Frolov A.I., Grachev I.D .; VS 466-467, VS 540, VS 490, VS 507) streets of Vienna. Colonel Zhilin gives a task to the tankers. Austrian women-suicides are on a bench in the park. Soldiers launch a balloon with a red banner into the sky. The arsenal-museum damaged by bombing, near the building there are a lot of wrecked German tanks. 316.6 m11 box "COMBAT ACTIONS IN THE CITY OF VIENNA" (Operators - Stoyanovsky S.A., Rogachevsky B.M., Sokolnikov I.I., Frolov A.I .; VS 466-467, VS 540, VS 503, VS 508, VS 510 ) At the command post, the commander of the 21st Guards Rifle Corps of the 2nd Ukrainian Front, Hero of the Soviet Union, National Hero of Yugoslavia, Major General Kozak Semyon Antonovich and the commander of the 69th Guards Rifle Division of the Guard, Major General Jahua Kirill Kochoevich. On the streets of Vienna, a tank crew that knocked out an enemy Panther vehicle: tank commander Junior Lieutenant Genrikh Iosifovich Sleshinsky; driver-mechanic Sergeant Anikin Alexander Timofeevich; gun commander Sergeant Zhuchkov Alexander Matveyevich; loading senior sergeant Fomin Nikolai Ivanovich; radio operator Sergeant Dmitriev Valentin Nikolaevich. The first military commandant of Vienna, Major General A.V. Blagodatov talking to the locals near the car. German prisoners of war are under escort. First aid is provided to tanker Vasily Zverev. 290.5 m12 box "VIENNA IN THE FIRST DAYS AFTER THE RELEASE" (Operators - Mamedov D.M., Frolov A.I., Sokolnikov I.I., Aslanov G.G., Afanasyev V.I., Duplensky K.P .; VS 491, ВС 492, ВС 466-467, ВС 511, ВС 540, ВС 562, ВС 565-566) Local residents return to their homes; restore order to the streets of the city. Remaining buildings and a bridge over the Danube. The soldiers talk to the liberated Russian women. Soviet military units are passing by. 302.5 m
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the second world war
, foreign countries (austria)
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A.I. Frolov, D.M. Mamedov, B.M. Rogachevsky, I.A. Chiknoverov, K.P. Duplensky, G.G. Aslanov, I.I. Sokolnikov, V.I. Afanasyev, I. D. Grachev, D.G. Rymarev, K.M. Ryashentsev, S.A. Stoyanovskiy, I.A. Zaporozhsky, R.V. Petrosov, A.I. Sologubov
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