Fights in Pomerania

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1 box (ВС 359, operators - IB Arons, BM Dementyev, neg.-162.5 m) City of Daber. 1st Belorussian Front. The 3rd battalion of the 38th border regiment under the command of Captain Reshetnikov clears the forest belt from the Germans. Lieutenant Mishchenko's machine-gunners are firing. Sergeant Smirnov killed a German soldier in a shootout. The surviving Germans surrender. Submachine gunners with sniffer dogs in Captain Deev's group are examining attics and basements in the city, including the dog Dzhulbars (he has 19 captured Germans in his account) with the owner, Sergeant Zabolotny. The city of Naugard. A large column of foreign prisoners of war is walking along the city street. In the first row are: Czech Jaroslav Konnik from Moravian Ostrava, Italian Giuseppe Riquuto from Lombardy, French Maurice Bullot from Lyon, Polish Genya Shegelskaya from Poznan, Italian Luiso Gasconi from Milan. A collection point for Soviet citizens returning to the USSR. Lieutenant Neiman registers Konstantin Sergeevich Preobrazhensky, born in 1861 from the village of Zubtsovo, Kalinin region 2 cor. (VS 431, VS 432, VS 435, VS 439, VS 440, 437, operators - A.G. Semin, D.G. Sholomovich, S.A. Davidson, Ya.K. Smirnov, K.I.Shironin, neg.-303.7 m). Combat operations of the 2nd Belorussian Front in Pomerania. The offensive is carried out by artillerymen, mortarmen, tankmen. On the streets of Danzig, infantrymen of the 1062th regiment (Major V.K. Yankovsky) are fighting on the Shteeendamm embankment: junior sergeant Mikhail Semenovich Rassafonov, from the Gomel region, private Timofeev Gennady Aleksandrovich, from Leningrad and sergeant Sukhotin Pyotr Kirillovich, a former hairdresser from the Saratov region. Sergeant Malin fires a machine gun on the outskirts of town. Commanders who distinguished themselves in the battles for the cities of Gdynia and Danzig: Commander of the 65th Army, Hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel General PI Batov, member of the Army Military Council, Major General Radetsky N.A., Major General of Artillery M.P.Dmitriev. ; Commander of the 70th Army Colonel-General V.S. Popov with the Chief of Staff Colonel A.P. Penchevsky; the commander of the 3rd Guards Tank Corps, Lieutenant-General of Tank Forces A.P. Panfilov, with the head of the political department of the corps, Colonel Sidyakin. The Polish military unit passes through Danzig. A group of Polish sailors, among them the commanders of a separate Polish naval battalion of the first Polish division named after. Kosciuszko: Major Klimchak Tadeusz; deputy battalion commander, Captain Malinovsky Genrikh; Voytikevich Zbigniew; Planter Bogdan. On the streets of the liberated cities of Gdynia and Danzig are captured Germans; a lot of captured equipment and killed Germans. 3 box (VS 438, VS 439, VS 440, VS 437, VS 431, 432, VS 441, operators - L.T. Kotlyarenko, Ya.K. Smirnov, K.I.Shironin, A.G. Semin, D.G. Sholomovich, VA Kositsyn, neg.-150.5 m) Observation point at a high point of the city of Gdynia. Guard lieutenant Atayev Bayran is monitoring the enemy; the command post of the battalion is located at the surviving lighthouse: battalion commander, Major Kirikov Yuri Karpovich with the deputy for drill training, Experience Al. Nikolaevich. Two soldiers Yakov Skvortsov from the Urals and Vasily Karetin from the Chkalovsk region look at the monument. On one of the squares of the city there is a monument - a tank on the grave of a Soviet soldier with the NDP: "IVAN LAGUTIN". Destroyed and preserved buildings and monuments in the cities of Gdynia and Danzig; civilians; surviving ships in the port.
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the second world war
, foreign countries (germany)
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I.B. Arons, B.M. Dementyev, A.G. Semin, D.G. Sholomovich, S.A. Davidson, J.C. Smirnov, K.I. Shironin, L.T. Kotlyarenko, V.A. Kositsyn
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No Sound

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