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Part I. 1930. The 2nd Arctic expedition aboard the icebreaking steamer "Georgy Sedov" led by the editor-in-chief of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia O.Yu. Schmidt, captain V.I. Voronin. The icebreaker moves in the sea, in the ice. Members of the expedition, along the route of the icebreaker, disembark, do research, put up tents, cook dinner over the fire. Among those present: O. Yu. Schmidt, V. I. Voronin, V. Yu. Vize, R. L. Samoilovich, G. A. Ushakov, I. S. Sokolov-Mikitov. 1932 year. Expedition on the icebreaking ship "Sibiryakov" (head of the expedition O. Shmidt, captain V. I. Voronin). Setting sails on an icebreaker that has suffered an accident, the movement of the icebreaker under sails. Among those present: V. I. Voronin, O. Yu. Schmidt. 1933 year. Polar expedition on board the "Chelyuskin" steamer (head of the expedition O.Yu. Schmidt, captain V.I. Voronin). Chukchi Sea ice. Blizzard. The Chelyuskin accident. Evacuation of the crew, members of the expedition, passengers. "Chelyuskin" is drowning. Tent camp "Chelyuskinites". The planes of the expedition to rescue the Chelyuskinites in the air, at the landing sites. Among the pilots is Lyapidevsky. O. Yu. Schmidt, who fell ill with pneumonia, is sent by plane to Alaska. Part II. June 19, 1934 Moscow. Solemn meeting of the Chelyuskinites. O. Yu. Schmidt and his comrades in a convertible drive along Gorky Street. A column of cabriolets with Chelyuskinites drives through Red Square. Muscovites on Red Square greet pilots - participants of the rescue operation V.I. Voronina, M.V. Vodopyanova, I.V. Doronin, N.P. Kamanina, S.A. Levanevsky, A.V. Lyapidevsky, V.S. Molokova, M.T. Slepnev. Chelyuskinites stand on the podium of the Mausoleum of V.I. Lenin. 1936. O. Yu. Schmidt talks with delegates to the X Congress of the Komsomol, speaks at the congress (synchronously). 1937 year. Rudolph Island. Base of a high-latitude air expedition to the North Pole. Pilot P.G. Golovin at the plane. Departure of the Arktika aircraft to the North Pole. Pilots MV Vodopyanov, IT Spirin, MS Babushkin in the cockpit, at the controls and maps. O. Yu. Schmidt in the cockpit. Disembarkation of members of the expedition "North Pole-I" consisting of: ID Papanin, EK Fedorov, PP Shirshov, E. T. Krenkel on the ice floe. Construction of the station camp. Installation (equipment) of a radio mast. Meeting. Raising the flag of the USSR. Part III. 1937 Chronicle footage dedicated to the expedition "North Pole-I". O. Yu. Schmidt gives an interview about the preparation of the operation to remove the Papaninites from the ice floe (synchronously). November 4, 1939 Moscow. Kremlin. Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR M.I. Kalinin presents the established Gold Star medal of the Hero of the Soviet Union: O. Yu. Schmidt, M. V. Vodopyanov, M. T. Slepnev, V. S. Molokov, I. P. Mazuruk, I. T. Spirin, M. I. Shevelev. O. Yu. Schmidt is present at the gala evening dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of M. Yu. Lermontov. AN Tolstoy is speaking. 1940 Leningrad. Vice-President of the USSR Academy of Sciences Academician O.Yu. Schmidt speaks at a session dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Pulkovo Observatory, Moscow. Kremlin. 1951 year. Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences, experimental physicist D.V. Skobeltsyn presents the International Prize for Strengthening Peace between Nations to the French physicist and public figure Frederico Joliot-Curie, writer A.A. Fadeev, O. Yu. Schmidt. Images from the documentary "At the Origins of Life": O. Yu. Schmidt at a meeting at the Academy of Sciences, speaking from the rostrum (synchronously).
M. Troyanovsky
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