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Moscow. Conference on disarmament: conference participants get out of cars, coaches; in the conference room, talking on the sidelines, among the participants are representatives of Poland, Latvia, Estonia. Anti-religious propaganda: people remove icons from the walls, hang up anti-religious posters (staged), anti-religious demonstration, carnival on the streets of the city. Red Army soldiers in the library: read newspapers, magazines, books. The laying of the monument to K.A.Timiryazev on November 12, 1922, at the meeting are: L. B. Kamenev, M. N. Pokrovsky, L. S. Sosnovsky, professor A. K. Timiryazev (son of K. A. Timiryazev). Pupils in the laboratory of one of the Moscow schools, in the classroom, with the People's Commissar A. V. Lunacharsky. The rally at the monuments to AI Herzen, NP Ogarev at the building of Moscow University on Mokhovaya, at bookstores, are: LB Kamenev, Professor VP Volgin, laying wreaths at the monuments. An artillery battery fires agitation shells: leaflets are circling in the air, Red Army soldiers are picking up posters, newspapers, magazines (winter shooting). Red Army skiers are riding, sailors doing gymnastics. Hockey game. Warship: artillery pieces, sentry on deck. Workers of the plant. Ilyich, cadets of the school. All-Russian Central Executive Committee on Red Square. N. I. Muralov, J. H. Peters in the group of the military. The worker's representative hands over the military banner. Enrollment in the Red Army. Cavalry and infantry of one of the foreign countries are passing by.
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, red army
, rallies
, navy
, monuments
, agitation and propaganda
, state figures
, physical education and sports
, cities
, borbazamir
, anti-religious propaganda
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