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The newsreel includes the following stories filmed in Moscow: All-Russian Exhibition of the Art Industry; fundraising and drawing of the allegri lottery organized in favor of the street children by the All-Russian Central Executive Committee; Central House of Young Pioneers; May Day demonstration; fragments of the film feuilleton "Glumov's Diary" for the play "Sage" of the First Workers' Theater of Proletkult. The film document may be used for scientific purposes only, copying only with permission of the Austrian Film Museum. Such filming is kept in RGAKFD in account number 697 - "Kinopravda (pieces)" Part a Moscow. Passers-by on the street, tram number 34 is passing by, boys are riding on the footsteps, a horse-drawn carriage is passing by. Exhibits of the All-Russian Exhibition of the Art Industry: a model of the Moscow Kremlin, carpets from the Turkestan Soviet Republic, a bust of a Red Army soldier, porcelain dishes from the Dulevo porcelain factory, the Petrograd factory, paintings, books, brochures. Schoolchildren attends the exhibition. Demonstration of clothes in a fashion studio. Fundraising on the streets of Moscow for street children. Street trade in wooden crafts. Lottery of the children's commission of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee "Allegri" in favor of street children: lottery drawing, work of the drawing commission, prizes for lottery tickets. The doctor examines the child swollen from hunger. A doctor and a nurse examine an emaciated boy in the ward. Orphanage in a mansion: children wash on the street, work in the garden beds, do exercises, eat lunch in the dining room, dance on the lawn, go to bed for a nap on the veranda. A group of Red Army commanders, musicians of a brass band, a column of Red Army soldiers with rifles are walking along the streets of Moscow. Bear in the forest. A stuffed wolf. Staging. A cabriolet approaches the building of the Proletkult Theater in Moscow, a man in a mask and a top hat jumps out of the car, climbs the stairs near the building, climbs the tower of the mansion. View of the center of Moscow from the tower. The clown looks out of the tower window. A man in a top hat climbs out of the window, climbs the building. An airplane flies over Red Square. Fragments of the film feuilleton "Glumov's Diary" for the performance of the first worker of the Proletkult Theater "Sage" based on A. Ostrovsky's play "Enough for every wise man" (director S. Eisenstein, cameraman B. Francisson, starring G. Aleksandrov, A. Antonov, I Pyryev, V. Yanukova, M. Gomorov, M. Shtraukh, V. Muzykant, I. Yazyanov, V. Inkizhinov). The building of the Central House of Young Pioneers. Pioneers are on duty at the entrance to the House of Pioneers. Pioneers and Octobrists near the building of the House of Pioneers. The pioneers are in a line in the square. Boys in the classroom. Part b Pioneers in class at the House of Pioneers. Celebrating May 1st in Moscow. Columns of demonstrators in the streets on Red Square. Banners, posters of demonstrators. The pioneers ride in trucks, decorated with fir branches, pass through the streets. An airplane in the sky performs aerobatics, flies over Red Square. View of Moscow from their airplane cockpit. Theatrical performances with parodies of Orthodox priests, representatives of the bourgeoisie, capitalists. Demonstrators carry puppets of Poincaré, Waldervelde, cartoons of Mussolini, Hindenburg, the British governor of India. An armored car, a motorcycle, an airplane on the back of a truck with a portrait of Trotsky are driving down the street. Demonstrators, a horse-drawn carriage are moving at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Pioneers in the column of demonstrators carry a globe, models, construction tools, posters, etc. The demonstrators walk along the Garden Ring, pass by the Sukharev Tower, a tram is passing by. Lottery of the children's commission of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee: boys put lottery tickets into a box; a woman gives out lottery tickets to children. Children ride horse carriages. The buffoons are dancing, the musicians are playing the balalaika, the trumpet. In a column of demonstrators on Red Square, a mock-up of a tower is riding on a truck platform. Spectators at the guest tribune. Demonstrators carry posters depicting government bonds. A truck with a big shoe with a torn nose is driving - a caricature of the capitalists. Demonstration on the square near the monastery: mummers with ropes pull a car with participants in the performances and a cage "Menagerie" with "bourgeois". Candidate member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) N.I. Bukharin speaks from the rostrum in the field during a demonstration. Demonstrators on the field. Head of the Political Directorate of the Republican Strategic Military Council V.A. Antonov-Ovseenko speaks from the rostrum. Boys with plywood sabers are walking, carrying a caricature of the capitalist. V.V. Kuibyshev at the guest tribune. Demonstrators stand on the embankment of the Moskva River. Actors are dancing on an impromptu stage, the audience is watching the performance. A group of guys around the fire. Fashion Atelier building, demonstration of clothing models.
D. Vertov
Film ID
medical services for the population
, urban transport
, out-of-school education
, cinematography
, exhibitions
, air transport
, homelessness and neglect
, state holidays
, cartage
, decorative and applied art
, cities
, sculpture
, light industry
, charity
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