Filming of the Minister of Defense Industry of the USSR DFUstinov at the Dacha

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Summer. Motor ships sail along the river. Passengers on the boat. General view of the dacha of the Minister of Defense Industry of the USSR DF Ustinov. The minister's family is drinking tea. Guests in the house. Dancing. The accordion player is playing. Children on the porch play ball. A soldier trains a shepherd dog. Women with children lead a round dance. Boys are playing in the sand. View of the suburban area, sports ground. DF Ustinov drives up to the gates of the dacha in a company car. Men smoke in the country. DF Ustinov on a swing. Children on a bench watching adults. Summer residents enter the house. Meeting with guests. Guests and hosts are drinking champagne in the living room, sitting at the festive table. Adults and children play volleyball on the playground. Forest landscape. Adults and children are picking mushrooms. Children swim in the river. Summer residents walk along the sandy beach. Bank of the river. Woman teaches toddler to swim. The girl is dancing on the balcony of the Charleston summer house. The girl dances in front of the house, repeating the movements of the girl. DF Ustinov stroking a dog sitting on a chain near the booth. Women with flowers on the balcony waving to those driving away.
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, automobile transport
, river transport
, situation of various populations
, landscapes
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