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1 box (155 m) 1st plot. Exhibition of works by Nadya Rusheva in the A.S. Pushkin Museum. Moscow. 1970 Works of Nadya Rusheva in the A.S. Pushkin Museum, at an exhibition dedicated to her work; among them - illustrations for the novel by M. Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita", drawings from the series "Pushkiniana", drawings on mythological subjects, etc. Visitors to the exhibition, including many schoolchildren, examine the works of Nadia Rusheva. 2nd plot. [Nadya Rusheva's father - Nikolai Konstantinovich on the set of the Ogonyok TV show in Tajikistan]. Dushanbe, 1966. Children - three boys, sitting on the bank of a turbulent stream, playing a board game. Shooting of the TV show ["Ogonyok" in Dushanbe] in the open air. The cameraman is at the camera, the men are sitting at the tables near the fountain, the presenter with a microphone says something, possibly representing the participants in the program. The host ["Ogonyok"] Eleonora Belyaeva at one of the tables is also saying something; Among the participants in the program, perhaps Nikolai Konstantinovich Rushev is the father of the young artist Nadia Rusheva. General view of the television tower. One of the cameramen teaches his Tajik counterpart from Tajik television to work with a television camera. Performance of a dancer on the set of a program performing a Tajik folk dance. 3rd plot. Nadya Rusheva in Tarusa visiting the sculptor V.A. Vatagin. Tarusa, 1968 Streets and squares of the city. Monument to V.I. Lenin on the central square of the city. A boy rides a bicycle across the square. General view of the house of the sculptor V.A. Vatagin in Tarusa. Nadya Rusheva in the courtyard of the house. V.A.Vatagin goes to Nadya. Drawings by Nadya Rusheva, which she shows to V.A. Vatagin. V.A.Vatagin at work in the workshop: sculpts from clay a sculpture of a mythological bird with a woman's face. Type of work of the sculptor. One of V. Vatagin's sculptures on the lawn in the garden. 4th plot. Artek. Nadya Rusheva among the pioneers in Artek. Crimea, 1967. Celebration at Artek. Columns of pioneer squads p / l "Artek" march through the stadium. Members of the UDP Society - Young friends of border guards with their pets - dogs are walking in front of one of the columns. Speech by the Hero of the Soviet Union, the first cosmonaut of the USSR YA Gagarin before the pioneers of "Artek". Performance by a group of pioneers at the celebration. The pioneers are dancing in the meadow. Pioneers in one of the camp premises select drawings for the competition. Among those present, Nadia Rusheva (in the general mass, practically invisible). One of the pioneers makes an ostrich. 5th plot. Speech by Nadya Rusheva in the [Palace of Pioneers]. Moscow, 1966-1968 Assembly Hall [Palace of Pioneers]. Portrait of V.I. Lenin on the wall. A woman speaks to those present in the hall. The pioneers in the hall are applauding. A group of people goes on stage, sit down at the table. The participants of the meeting are speaking; among them is Nadya Rusheva. One of the men pins a medal on the other's chest. A group of pioneers on stage, performing a song. 6th plot. Lubyanskaya square in Moscow. Moscow, 1966-1968 General view of Lubyanskaya Square, the monument to F.E. Dzerzhinsky, the building of the KGB of the USSR. Panorama from the square to the building of the Polytechnic Museum. The movement of cars on the square. 7th plot. KVN in Moscow school number 470. Moscow, 1966-1968. Quiz "KVN" in secondary school No. 470, where Nadya Rusheva studied. Participation of teams in various competitions. Among the participants of the quiz is Nadya Rusheva (with an emblem on his chest). The audience in the hall is applauding. 2 box (147.6 m) 1st plot. Exhibition of works by Nadya Rusheva in the Leo Tolstoy Museum. Moscow, June 1968. View of Kropotkinskaya (Prechistenka) street in Moscow. View of the building of the Leo Tolstoy State Museum. Nadya Rusheva approaches the museum building, holding a folder with drawings in her hands. Announcement "Exhibition of works by Nadya Rusheva". Nadia and her father, Nikolai Konstantinovich, enter the museum building. Drawings by Nadya Rusheva at the exhibition in the museum hall; among them - illustrations for the novel "War and Peace". Visitors see the work of the young artist. A gate to the courtyard of the museum opens. Nadia is sitting, drawing the 2nd plot. Nadia Rusheva at home. Moscow, 1968. Nadia draws in her room. Nadia takes a folder with her drawings from the closet, puts it on the secretaire. Drawings by Nadya Rusheva for the fairy tale "The Little Prince". Panorama of the bookshelves in Nadia's room. Nadya takes a book from the shelf, sits down at the table, opens the book, turns the pages of the book. View of the highway (filmed from the movement of the car in winter). 3rd scene. In Tarusa, V.A. Vatagina. Tarusa. 1968 General view of the Oka River in Tarusa. View of one of the city streets. External views of the house of the sculptor V.A. Vatagina in Tarusa. Nadya Rusheva and V.A. Vatagin are walking through the garden. Sculptures in the garden. VA Vatagin, surrounded by his young students, sits at a table in the garden; among those present Nadia Rusheva and her father - Nikolai Konstantinovich. VA Vatagin in the studio working on a sculpture of a mythological bird with a female head. VA Vatagin is walking through the garden. View of the Oka River. Nadya Rusheva walks through the garden, drawing a dog, sitting on a log. Close-ups of Nadya Rusheva, including drawing. Drawings by Nadya Rusheva. Nadia approaches her father. shows him her drawings, they discuss them together. VA Vatagin is sitting at a table in the garden, looking at the drawings of Nadia, who is standing nearby (drawings with different subjects - illustrations for the novel "The Master and Margarita", drawings on mythological subjects and modern subjects). Nadya Rusheva and V.A. Vatagin are walking through the garden. Panorama of Nadia's works. Sculptures by V.A. Vatagin. 4th plot. Exhibition of works by Nadya Rusheva in the A.S. Pushkin Museum. Moscow, 1970. Visitors in the halls of the Pushkin Museum at an exhibition of works by Nadya Rusheva. Panorama based on illustrations for M. Bulgakov's novel "The Master and Margarita", as well as drawings on the theme of "Pushkinian" and scenes from Greek mythology.
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