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A film about the results of the VI Winter Olympics of the peoples of the RSFSR, held in Gorky from February 16 to 28, 1978. Part 1 Gorky City. Announcement of the VI Winter Spartakiad of the Peoples of the RSFSR in Gorky, posted on a metal structure at the entrance to the city. The emblem of the Spartakiad and a banner with the inscription "Headquarters of the Spartakiad" on the facade of the building of the Palace of Sports. Press conference on the eve of the opening of the Olympics; on behalf of the organizing committee is the chairman of the executive committee of the Gorky Regional Council of People's Deputies Vasily Ivanovich Semenov (sinhr.). Journalists in the hall at a press conference. Opening ceremony of the Olympics; the sports festival is opened by the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR Vyacheslav Ivanovich Kochemasov. A column of standard-bearers are walking around the ice field. Sports veterans carry the banner. Athletes light the fire of the Olympics. Flags of sports societies. Sports facilities for the Games: trampolines in Gorky; skating rink in Dzerzhinsk; cleaning ice at the Sports Palace in Togliatti. Competitions of skiers, biathletes, skaters, sleds, figure skaters in pair skating, hockey players and skiers in ski jumping. Spectators watching the course of the competition. Winner's Cup. Prizes for the participants of the Olympics: crystal cups, painted round boards, wooden cups, nesting dolls. The correspondent asks the athletes if they expect to win (sync.). Spartakiad information stand. Journalists in the press center watch the competition on TV, talk, stand at the telephone booths. Part 2 Competitions of skaters in ice dancing, luge, skiers, skaters, skiers. Fragment of a field hockey match. Honored Master of Sports Evgeny Iosifovich Letchford speaks about modern speed skating (synchronously). Athletes talk about their athletic performance after the competition (synchronously). Winner's reward ceremony. Closing ceremony of the Olympics. Handing over the flag of the Olympics to representatives of the Kemerovo region. Young skiers in training.
G. Timofeeva
Film ID
figure skating
, sports
, skiing
, general issues
, skating
, sanjsport
Number of Parts
B. Bychkov, A. Nazarov, A. Mochalov, K. Stepanov, Yu. Tunguev
Other Creators
scriptwriter V. Viktorov, sound technicians N. Nifontova, V. Shubin, editor G. Shaposhnikova, consultant N. Nemeshev
Release Date
Has Sound

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