Finding Alexandra

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The film tells about the mysterious circumstances of the suicide of the famous artist Alexandra Korsakova (1901-1990) - the widow of one of the leaders of the Russian avant-garde V. Tatlin. The first part. Paintings by A. Korsakova. Correspondence funeral service for AN Korsakova in the Church of Ilya Obydenny in Moscow. People in the church. Candles are burning. The priest performs the funeral ceremony. Icons, iconostasis. People are holding burning candles. The body of the deceased A.N. Korsakova (photo). The investigator is looking at the video. The coffin with the body of the deceased is carried near the house. A.N. Korsakova's neighbor talks about the artist, about joint walks with her (synchronously). The house where A.N. Korsakova lived. Room furnishings, household items. The woman in the room looks through the paintings of A.N. Korsakova, talks about the last years of the artist's life, about her will (synchronously). Portrait of V. Tatlin. Wardrobe, desk, paintings in the room. Candlestick on the window. Children swing on a swing in the courtyard of the house. The second part. Neighbor A. N. Korsakova talks about her work, that all the artist's love was given to art (synchronously). Folders with the inscription "Tatlin" on the table. Members of the Commission of the Union of Artists for the Creative Heritage of A.N. Korsakova in the room looking through and discussing her paintings (synchronously). One of the members of the commission talks about the last days of A.N. Korsakova (synchronously). The crematorium of the Nikolo-Arkhangelsk cemetery. Relatives close to A.N. Korsakova are standing near the coffin, saying goodbye. Playground in the courtyard of the house where A.N. Korsakova lived. Commemoration for A.N. Korsakova in the restaurant of the House of Artists. The relatives and friends of A.N. Korsakova present at the memorial table are making speeches (synchronously). A woman is reading a poem dedicated to the artist (synchronously). The movement of transport along the city street. The third part. The artist's neighbor says that recently the popularity of A.N. Korskova among collectors, museum workers, art dealers has increased dramatically (synchronously). People on the landing near the apartment of A.N. Korsakova. Relatives of the artist enter her apartment. Pictures in the room. The woman says that she did not want to leave this life (synchronously). The neighbor says that A.N. Korsakova thought about death and said that the easiest death is sleeping pills (synchronously). A fragment of a video recording made in the deceased's room: various pills, bottles of medicine on the table. The investigator looks at the video. Photos by A.N. Korsakova. Fourth part. The investigator says that this is suicide (synchronously). Fragment of the video: personal belongings, passport of A.N. Korsakova. A relative of the artist, one of the members of the Commission of the Union of Artists for the Creative Heritage of A.N. Korsakova are discussing an exhibition of paintings by the deceased (synchronously). The house where A.N. Korsakova lived. Yard. Pictures, stretchers, picture frames, work table in the room of A.N. Korsakova. House and yard in winter.
B. Karadzhev
Film ID
bytgorodskogo population
, christianity
, general issues
, militia
, consumer services; funeral
, painting
, art
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
E. Aghajanyan, G. Kudryashova, Hilde van Oostrum
Release Date
Has Sound

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