Finnish Youth in the USSR

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Stay in the USSR delegation of youth of Finland - participants of the Fourth World Festival of Youth and Students in Bucharest. Acquaintance of the members of the delegation with the sights of the Moscow Kremlin, Moscow; visiting the Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Stalin Automobile Plant, the Moscow Small Car Plant, the Shcherbakov Moscow Silk-Weaving Plant, the Lesnie Polyany state farm and the Borets collective farm in the Moscow region. The city of Kiev. Members of the Finnish youth delegation visiting the Vladimir Cathedral, a monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky. Visit to the Kiev Machine-Tool Plant named after Gorky, one of the confectionery factories. Kharkiv city. Meeting of Soviet-Finnish friendship; inspection of the Kharkov plant of agricultural machines "Hammer and Sickle", children's railway, the collective farm "Lenin's Way". The city of Leningrad. A visit by the Finnish youth delegation to the Hermitage, the Mikoyan confectionery factory, a football match between the Zenit team and the national team of Albania. Inspection of the suburb of Leningrad - Petrodvorets. The rally at the Finlyandsky railway station on the day of the delegation's departure home.
I. Kravchunovsky
Film ID
out-of-school education
, state agricultural enterprises
, cultural connections
, collective farms
, architecture
, food industry
, agricultural engineering
, textile industry
, higher education
, sports
, museums
, automotive industry
, sculpture
, machine tool industry
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There is no data
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Text by V. Fartuchny
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Has Sound

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