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The film tells about the beginning of the construction of the Kuibyshev irrigation canal. Kuibyshev region, 1975. View of the shield with the NDP: "All-Union Shock Komsomol Construction". A truck is going by, welders are working, workers are laying pipes. The manager of the construction trust Alperin talks about the large amount of work involved in the construction of the canal, the need to create infrastructure at the Olginsky state farm, and the distribution of funds (sinhr.). View of the houses under construction and the school building in the state farm "Olginsky". Sprinkler "Fregat", designed for irrigation of grain crops, on one of the fields of the farm. A herd of cows in the pasture. View of the building of the Kuibyshev Research Institute of Agriculture named after N.M. Tulaykova in the village of Bezenchuk. Institute specialists inspect grain crops in experimental plots. Deputy Director for Research Vasily Ivanovich Kozeev in his office speaks about the intensification of work on the development of new varieties of spring and winter wheat, about the study of short-stemmed varieties of wheat bred by foreign breeders (sync., Behind the scenes). Newsreel footage, Kuibyshev region, August 9, 1974: a festive event on the occasion of the launch of the main pumping station during the first phase of the canal construction. People are applauding, throwing flowers into the water. View of a poster on the wall of the station building: "Take, Kuibyshev steppe, Volga water."
G. Emelyanov
Film ID
, agriculture
Number of Parts
I. Efremova, S. Kuzmina
Other Creators
A. Solonitsyn
Release Date
Has Sound

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