Fishermen on a Labor Watch Kinoalmanakh No 2

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The newsreel has four plots. Filmed by order of the USSR Ministry of Fisheries. The first part. 1-st plot. "MURMANSKOE SEAKHODNOE ... 50 YEARS". Russia, Murmansk. View of the Murmansk port. The formation of cadets of the Murmansk Order "Badge of Honor" of the II Mesyatsev Naval School is walking along the street; in front are the standard-bearers. Cadets stand near the Eternal Flame at the memorial "Defenders of the Soviet Arctic during the Great Patriotic War." Laying flowers at the Eternal Flame. Cadet initiation ceremony. Cadets in classrooms in geography, English and practical training on the trawler "General Rodimtsev". A cadet weaves a fishing net. The ceremonial presentation of diplomas to graduates of the school in the assembly hall. The cadets' brass band plays. School building. Transport traffic around the school building. A group of cadets at the port. 2nd plot. “SHMEL WORKS. Russia. Ships at sea. The underwater part of the vessel, covered with algae, shells. Dock workers manually clean the underwater part of the ship. A diver manually cleans the vessel from seashells under water. A worker on the deck of the ship is preparing for work the "Bumblebee" unit, created by the designers of the experimental design bureau of special technical means of the USSR Ministry of Fisheries for cleaning the bottoms of ships from growths. The diver is preparing to dive. A diver under water cleans the bottom of the vessel using the Shmel unit. Checking the results of work using a special underwater television set. Bumblebee attachments and brushes on the deck of the ship. Second part. 3rd plot. "GOOD LIFE OF THE CAPTAIN." Russia, Primorsky Territory, the village of Zarubino. View of the seaport. Fishing vessels of the Zarubinskaya flotilla at sea. Captain of a fishing vessel, Hero of Socialist Labor V.D. Konovalov and crew members in the wheelhouse. Fishermen raise a net with fish on the deck of the ship. VD Konovalov on the deck of the ship. Fish in the net. Seagulls fly over the net with fish. 4th plot. "UNDERWATER MEADOWS OF THE WHITE SEA". Russia, Karelia, Belomorsk region, settlement Kollezhma. The vastness of the White Sea. Fishing boats are at the pier. There is a flag over the roof of the house with the inscription: "PINRO". A group of scientists - members of the expedition of the Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography is near the house. Scientists are examining algae in the laboratory. Map of the distribution of algae in the White Sea. Expeditionary ship "Andromeda" at sea. View of the seabed from an airplane. Scuba divers explore the seabed. Starfish, seal (shot through the window of an underwater vehicle). Divers collect seaweed. The harvested seaweed is shaken out of the bags onto the deck of the ship. Reception and weighing of algae. Scientists measure algae, study underwater and aerial photographs in order to identify new areas suitable for commercial production. An experimental seaweed mining vessel at work. Algae supply to the deck of the ship using an underwater mower. The city of Arkhangelsk. Production processes in the shop of the Arkhangelsk plant for the processing of algae. Workers in the shop. Finished products of the plant. Labels with the inscriptions: "Mannit", "Alginat". Sunset over the sea.
S. Gelman, V. Kuznetsov
Film ID
chemical and pharmaceutical industry
, geology
, geophysics
, food industry
, sea transport
, fish farming and fishing
, animal world
, landscapes
, second world war (including the great patriotic war)
, professional education
, geography
Number of Parts
A. Rostovtsev, A. Klimentiev, V. Kryuchkin
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There is no data
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Has Sound

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