Fishermen on Duty No 11

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Part 1 Plot 1. "INTERVIEW IN THE SEA OF OKHOTSK". Operator - S. Komarnitsky. Seiner-trawler "Sargan" in the Sea of Okhotsk. Production processes on a seiner trawler. Fish catch on deck, in nets. Unloading fish from a trawler to a Russian floating base in Kamchatka, a Japanese floating base "Khoemaru". Night shooting on the ship. Captain Evgeny Ivanovich Basov tells (behind the scenes) about the results of work, plans, modernization. Plot 2. "MURMANSK, BRIGADE OF DOCKERS № 43". Director - I. Agapov, cameraman - Y. Maevsky. Loading and unloading operations in the Murmansk fishing port. The work of the dispatcher, dockers' teams, Vyacheslav Yakovlevich Razgonov's brigades. A new form of work organization for the dockers' brigade (286.8 m). Part 2 Plot 3. “ACCELERATION COURSE. IN THE BANGA COLLECTIVE ". Director - E. Eratov, cameraman - D. Serpukhin. Latvia. Fishing collective farm "Banga". Vessels at the berth; refrigerated highway traffic; certain moments of sorting, smoking, preservation of fish at the fish factory; fish hatchery; at home, various occupations of residents. Residents, guests, veterans, the first chairman of the collective farm, the orchestra at the celebrations in honor of the 40th anniversary of the collective farm. The chairman, the collective farmer receive awards (285.4 m).
E. Eratov, S. Komarnitsky, I. Agapov
Film ID
sea transport
, fishing farm
Number of Parts
S. Komarnitsky, J. Maevsky, D. Serpukhin
Other Creators
Scriptwriters I. Gorelik, S. Komarnitsky, N. Chervonobab, sound engineer B. Kokin, editor V. Robinov, director Y. Rozhkovskaya, consultant A.Yu.Bondarev, B.L. Blazhko
Release Date
Has Sound

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