Fishermen on Duty No 12

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There are four plots in the film almanac. Filmed by order of the USSR Ministry of Fisheries. First part. 1st plot. "TEN YEARS AND ONE DAY". Russia. A ship in the expanses of the Bering Sea. Freezer trawler at the Peter and Paul Ocean Fishing Base "Aleksey Stakhanov" at sea. Trawler's cabin; assistant captain V.M. Parshikov at the control panel. Some aspects of the crew's work on unloading fish from the net onto the deck of the trawler. Production meeting of the team; First mate V.M. Parshikov and others are speaking. The crew members in their leisure hours in the library, in the recreation room, making crafts from wood and from the net. Exhibits of the ship museum: shells, sea plants, stuffed fish. The production process of processing the caught fish. Frozen fish moves on a conveyor belt. Transfer of frozen fish from a trawler to the deck of a transport vessel. Captain's assistant V.M. Parshikov presents certificates at the meeting; meeting participants applauded. Handing a cake to one of the employees. Young people dance at a leisure evening; plays a vocal and instrumental ensemble. 2nd plot. "KERCHINSKIE INNOVATORS". Ukraine, Kerch. Engineers-inventors of "Kerchrybprom" V.Sharov, N.Lukyanenko, K.Matusov draw the drawing boards, observe the operation of equipment in the shop during technical work to replace manual labor at the site of placing fish in boxes. A type of mechanized complex that replaced the manual labor of female workers. Second part. 3rd plot. "PROTEIN GRAIN". The plot tells about the improvement of the technology for the production of protein granular caviar at the Moscow Fish Concentrate Plant. Russia, Moscow. Caviar jars on the counter of the store; buyers buy caviar. On the building there is a sign with the inscription: "Moscow port refrigeration plant". Samples of products that are used in the production of protein caviar: milk protein, gelatin, etc. The production process of making caviar. A laboratory in which work is carried out to create granular protein caviar. 4th plot. "COLLECTIVE CONTRACT - SHIP REPAIR". Ukraine, Kerch. Ships in the Kerch port. The crew of the ship and ship repairers on the deck of the ship are discussing the plan for the repair work, which is carried out under a single collective contract. Members of the ship's crew and repair workers at work. Production meeting of the participants in the collective contract. The ship leaves the dock.
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food industry
, sea transport
, fish farming and fishing
, museums
, state trade
, fishing industry
, invention
, libraries
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