Fishermen on Duty No 13

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The newsreel consists of four plots. Filmed by order of the USSR Ministry of the Fishing Industry. First part. 1st plot. COMMONWEALTH. Russia, Far East fishing basin. Fish canning floating base "Sodruzhestvo", built by Finnish shipbuilders and equipped with equipment from firms of the USSR, Japan, Germany, in the sea. External and internal views of the floating base. The production process of fish processing on a mechanized line. Fish cutting and blanching areas. Automatic rolling of cans. An operator at the dispatching console of one of the sections of the technological cycle. Butchering crabs by hand. Loading fish from a fishing vessel on board the "Commonwealth". Members of the crew and the production team of the floating base during leisure hours play table tennis, are engaged in health-improving gymnastics, and have a rest at a relaxation session. Performance of the vocal and instrumental ensemble at the evening of relaxation. The Sodruzhestvo floating base is on the way. 2-nd plot. "PERSPECTIVE HYBRIDS". Russia. The plot tells about one of the fish farms in which sturgeon breeding is carried out according to the method of growing sterile sturgeon and beluga hybrids. The process of artificial fish farming is shown in detail: preparation of caviar; her artificial insemination; growing hybrid larvae in the hatchery and cages; feeding fish in nursery ponds; fishing in the pond. 3rd plot. "PACKAGING ON CONVEYOR". Latvian SSR. The building of the cannery of the fishing collective farm "SELGA". Seiners are at the pier. Barrels with fish products in the finished product workshop. Packing of fish products in polymer containers on an automatic production line. The process of packaging products in corrugated cardboard bags on a special automatic machine. Second part: Estonian SSR. The territory of the fishing farm of the Estonian collective farm "Oktoober". Seiners at the pier. Type of production line for canning fish products; cans of canned food "Stavrida" are moving on a conveyor belt. The operator works at the conveyor control panel. The process of packaging cans in shrink film. Finished packages are automatically transferred to a rotating pallet. 4th plot. "EFFECT OF NEW TECHNOLOGY." View of artificial ponds of the fishing industry. Fish farmers from the boat dump food into the water. Fish eat food at the bottom of the reservoir. Fishermen pull the net with fish ashore. The fish farmer weighs the fish. The bottom of a pond clogged with an abundance of food. Scientists of the All-Union Research Institute of Pond Economy in the laboratory are developing a new technology for raising fish, taking into account the improvement of the habitat. Biofilters, pumps that saturate water with oxygen in the pond. The introduction of quicklime into the reservoir for water purification. Feeding fish with a feeder. The fish splashes around the pendulum feeders. Fishermen pull a net with fish into the boat.
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