Fishermen on Duty No 14

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Part one Plot 1: “PLAVANAZ - FOR RENT” The vessel of the fish and flour base “Aleksey Chuev” of the Far-Eastern basin. Captain-director A.S. Semashko: looks through the documents; in the wheelhouse; talks about problems, planning. Separate sections of the production process: unloading fish, sorting, transportation of frozen fish briquettes, sacks of feed meal, fish oil on a conveyor. Operation: automatic refrigeration line for the production of briquettes; strapping machine; container marking apparatus; installation of solenoid valves for air separators on refrigerators. The operator in the engine room at the console, makes entries in the logbook. Crew members at dining tables; in a dental chair; talking on the phone with relatives. Plot 2: "GENETIC FISH BANK" Drawings of fish in the book of I.P. Sosnovsky: “Rare and endangered animals. Through the pages of the Red Book of the USSR ". Type of fish ponds; sturgeon in the pond. All-Union Research Institute of Pond Fisheries: the employees of the Research Institute for the creation of a genetic collection of carp use the method of cryopreservation. Part two Plot 3: "WASTE WATER PURIFICATION" Toila settlement of the Estonian SSR. Fishing state farm "Oktoober". One of the shops of the state farm plant. Separate sections of the process: cleaning and washing fish from scales; waste water drain; type of rotating drum filters for capturing scales and impurities; transportation of special containers with collected scales. Work in the workshop of a pig-breeding complex. Employees of the technical center of the state farm "Oktober" for the assembly of installations for the removal of organic impurities. Type of ponds - aerators. Employees analyze waste water. Chief specialist of the state farm for environmental protection Kh.K. The cook drinks the water after cleaning, checking its quality. Plot 4: "PERFORMERS OF THE OCEAN" Residential quarters of Kaliningrad On the wall of one of the buildings of the People's Democratic Party: "In memory of the dead seafarers RTM" TUKAN "". Gravestones. One of the first captains of the fishing fleet S. G. Nikolashin lays flowers at the monument to the dead sailors; talks about himself, about the successes and troubles of the fish fleet. On the monument to the People's Democratic Party: “HERE A THOUSAND TWO GUARDS ARE buried - brave warriors of the II Guards Army, who fell during the storming of the city and fortress of Königsberg. 6-10 APRIL 1945 ". Captains S.G. Nikolashin, I.I. Alekseev, N.I. Stadinetsky: walking through the meadow, sawing firewood. Facade of the building of the Kaliningrad Captains Club. Old photos in albums. Veterans: at a meeting; at the tea table. Kaliningrad port: ships in the port, among them - "Russian Field", "Atlantis"; port cranes. Interior view of a modern ship.
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marine fleet
, fisheries
557 м
Number of Parts
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Other Creators
L. Boldyreva, I. Kemarskaya, D. Nagaev, N. Chervonobab, N. Khomutova, V. Toropov, N. Polonskaya, N. Zotov, A. Gorchukov, M. Maslenkov, V. Motychenkov, A.V. Gudovich, A.K. Katasonov, S.A. Studenetsky, A. Romanov, R. Rodionov, E. Nikitskaya.
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Has Sound

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