Fishermen on Duty No 15

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"ON THE WAYS TO THE MARKET" Part1. Plot 1. "TENANTS" A woman with a child walks through the store; canned food, frozen fish on the shelves. Fishing vessels at sea. The work of fishermen on the deck of a trawler; lowering the trawl into the sea. The man handles the fish by hand; fish on the conveyor. Tralmaster V.Kutsenko talks about improving equipment, renting a vessel. Captain - Director of the Mys Senyavin vessel, Hero of Socialist Labor Alexander Alekseevich Arbuzov talks about renting a vessel. Fishing boats at sea. Floating plant "Evgeny Nikishin"; deckhouse of the ship. Captain Vasily Savelyevich Oleinik. Fishermen lift a trawl with fish; transfer fish from vessel to boat. Fish nets. Lifting cargo from the hold. Crew members at the meeting. Workers handle fish at the floating plant; fish on the conveyor. Workers in the shop for placing fish in cans; closed cans on the conveyor. Finished product packaging. Plot 2. "Joint Venture" Sakhalin Region, Korsakov. Ships in the port. Ocean fishing base. Conveyor with moving cans of red caviar; packaging of ready-made cans. Workers in the shop for the production of gyoza fish dumplings at the Soviet-Japanese joint venture Diana. The machine makes minced meat; rolls out the dough; makes dumplings; packing dumplings. Algae - anfelcia. Head of the base Viktor Ivanovich Gribov with the Japanese; in the shop; talks about a lease. The ship is at the pier. The crane lifts the load (neg. - 254.5 m). Part 2. Plot 3. "MARINE COLLEGE". G. Vladivostok. Cadets on the street outside the building of the Maritime College; sign in English. Training classes. Cadets at a lecture; in the classroom in the computer room, in the laboratory of industrial fishing. Practical training of students in rowing on boats. Working with navigation devices in the classroom. Cadets in the classroom for fish processing. Fish in containers; cans of fish on the conveyor. The cadet's room in the hostel. The cadets are drinking tea in the kitchen; at the desk. The building of the cultural and sports center; an evening of relaxation in the center. Plot 4. "INVENTORS" Designer of the Kaliningrad Institute of Fishing Industry and Economy, Doctor of Technical Sciences Lev Aronovich Gik at the drawing board. Demonstration and installation of new tools on the machine; work of the machine. Certificates for inventions in different languages. Plot 5. "RETURNING FROM LONG WANKS ..." A brass band is playing on the pier. Meeting the vessel at the berth. Families of Guram Valerianovich Gunia, captain-director Vladimir Ivanov, ship turner Vyacheslav Levitsky at home. Dispensary "Murmashi"; hall; dining room; sports complex. Vacationers on procedures. Leisure for children and adults (neg. - 255.0 m).
I. Tikhomirov
Film ID
sea transport
, decorative and applied art
, professional education
509,5 м
Number of Parts
S. Glader, N. Kozitsky, V. Bezenkov
Other Creators
I. Tikhomirov, I. Filimonova, S. Glazer, N. Khomutova, V. Bezenkov, N. Zotov, B. Moskalenko, B.N. Akimov, N. D. Kozitsky, V.M. Lyachina, E.E. Sazonov, L. Shutova, E. Makaseeva, E. Nikitskaya.
Release Date
Has Sound

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