Flaming Island

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School town. The director of the school brings the boy Buenoventura to the class, who has come to study from a mountain village. Havana city. Registration of volunteers in the people's militia. Military training of the militia at the stadium. Production processes in the workshop of a cigar factory. Type of tobacco plantation. Peasants are working on sugar cane harvesting. Sugar production at a sugar factory. Newsreel. American military base Guantanamo on Cuban soil. Fortress Moncada, American soldiers are marching. Cuban rebels with Fidel Castro in the Sierra Maestra, on the streets of Havana in January 1959. Peasants receive certificates for land use. The family moves to a new home. Meeting of the Government of the Republic of Cuba. F. Castro signs a document on the nationalization of the bank. Bank employees at work. Nationalized oil refinery. AI Mikoyan and F. Castro sign a trade agreement between the Soviet Union and the Republic of Cuba. Cuban Industry Minister E. Guevara talks with miners. Miners are carrying a trolley with ore. Workshop of a metal plant. Products manufactured in Cuban factories are sold at the People's Store. Fidel Castro speaks at the XV session of the UN; talks with NS Khrushchev, with children - his pupils, with volunteer teachers. Celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the Cuban Revolution. On the podium F. Castro, O. Dorticos. Part of the Cuban People's Army soldiers are passing by. Speech by F. Castro.
R. Carmen
Film ID
economic communications
, industry
, national liberation struggle
, school education
, food industry
, cuba
, state holidays
, agriculture
, armed forces
, trade
Number of Parts
V. Kiselev, R. Carmen
Other Creators
Sound V. Kotov, music V. Vasiliev, script G. Borovik, R. Carmen, assistant director S. Pumpyanskaya, speaker L. Khmara, editor A. Kovtunova, artists I. Nizhnik, N. Koltsov, director B. Vainshtein
Release Date
Has Sound

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