Flight that Has Become a Legend

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Newsreel footage of a non-stop flight Moscow - North Pole - Vancouver (USA) pilots VP Chkalov, GF Baidukov and AV Belyaev in 1937: preparation of the ANT-25 aircraft for flight; aircraft designer of the ANT-25 aircraft AA Tupolev says goodbye to the pilots at the airport; the plane is in the air; a meeting of pilots in Vancouver; Muscovites greet pilots on the streets of the city after the flight. Press conference of pilots GF Baidukov, AV Belyaev and son of VP Chkalov I. Chkalov with journalists before flying to Vancouver at the invitation to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the city. Seeing off the pilots at the airport in Sheremetyevo. Airplane in the air. Pilots and I. Chkalov in the aircraft cabin. Meeting of pilots and I. Chkalov at the airport in Seattle (USA). Among the meeting aircraft mechanic D. Greco, photographer D. Dale, pilot D. Smith, correspondent H. Silgolton, who talk about their meetings with pilots in 1937 (synchronously, in English). Views of Vancouver. Igor Chkalov opens a new street in Vancouver - V. Chkalov; the people present are applauding. Inauguration of the monument in honor of the hero pilots; are the mayor of Vancouver D. Gallagher (synchronously), the Governor of Washington D. Evans, the USSR Ambassador to the United States A. Dobrynin, GF Baidukov (synchronously). Views of Washington. Meeting of the hero pilots with President D. Ford. D. Ford talks about the significance of the flight in 1937 (synchronously). The pilots and I. Chkalov on the street of the city signing autographs.
I. Bessarabov
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, air transport
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E. Akkuratov, G. Serov, G. Myakishev
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