Flowers for Stukenbrock

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Table with paints, painted by artist M. Savitsky. M. Savitsky in prison clothes, on his chest No. 32815 (pictorial portrait). The records of the prisoners are being leafed through. On the territory of the former camp, near the stone gravestones, the withdrawn prisoners of the camp walk with a wreath of fresh flowers. Laying a wreath at the monument on which the NDP is carved "HERE RUSSIAN SOLDIERS RESTED HERE, TORTURED IN Fascist captivity." (West Germany, Stukenbrock, 1979). NDP of the city (from the top point), a group of schoolchildren is walking along the street. Street Cafe. Railway rails. Photo chronicle of the events of the capture of Soviet soldiers (the faces of people behind barbed wire, the passage of prisoners of war along the road under escort, the mass of prisoners of war at the railway station). The text of the instruction is in German. Translation: "Any condescension, humanity towards prisoners of war is severely damaged." Photo of a security guard with a dog. The pages of the underground newspaper of the camp resistance "Underground Truth" are leafing through. Meeting of the former prisoners of the camp. A sketch of the monument, created by the camp artist Sasha Mordan on the first day of liberation. Photo chronicles of the opening of the monument at the burial place of 55 thousand tortured in the camp (summer 1945). A column of demonstrators of former participants in the anti-fascist resistance from Belgium, Romania, the USSR and other countries is walking along the city street on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the end of the war (1980). Drawings of victims of Nazism behind barbed wire. A rally in memory of participants in the anti-fascist resistance from different countries at the site of the former camp (1980).
G. Holny
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I. Puntakov
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consultant G. Shumeiko, editor I. Makhova, sound engineer A. Kulakov
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