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Part I. A nurse takes care of the patient, gives him medicine, does procedures. Investigation of pathogens in the laboratory. Influenza virus infection in ferrets. Infected ferrets in cages. Part II. Production processes at a weaving factory. Animated diagram of the spread of the influenza virus in the human body. Caring for a young woman sick with flu at home. The doctor examines the patient at home. Treatment of patients with complications from influenza in the hospital. Part III. A sanitary doctor checks one of the shops of a weaving factory. Cleaning of the workshop and the factory canteen. Department of Viruses of the All-Union Institute of Experimental Medicine. Test of anti-influenza serum in mice. Experiment-experiment in one of the department stores. Spraying anti-influenza serum through a special device while the store is open, sellers inhale serum vapors through hoses, and serve customers. Moscow Institute of Infectious Diseases. Laboratory experiments on the use of anti-influenza serum in mice and rabbits. Institute products. Physio cabinet. Treatment of a patient with a quartz apparatus. River beach. The audience is sunbathing, boating. Black Sea beach. Waves. Vacationers swim, sunbathe. Skiers are skiing from the mountains. Ice hockey game on the rink. Skaters. Boy on the ride. Physical culture parade in Moscow.
I. N. Vinogradov
Film ID
medical services for the population
, leisure
, textile industry
, state trade
, medicine
, biology
, home life
Number of Parts
P. P. Zotov, V. L. Chernyavsky
Other Creators
animation T. D. Tikhomirov
Release Date
Has Sound

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