For a Nuclear-Free North

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Norway. Seascape. city of Tromsø. Norwegian port. Fight for peace. Soviet ship "Klavdiya Glanskaya" at the port berth. Alta. Cultural center "Alta-hallen", where various events of the 7th Days of Peace were held for the public of four countries - Finland, Sweden, Norway and the Soviet Union - North Calotte. View of the meeting room, speeches by delegates, among the speakers Chairman of the Soviet Committee of the North Calotte A. Dubrovin and others. Delegates in the meeting room for various sections - youth, environmental protection. Delegates during the conference "For Peace and Security" taking place at the closing of the Days of Peace. city of Kirkenes. Chronicle - View of the destroyed Norwegian city during the 2nd World War. Soldiers enter the liberated city, carry out demining. Laying wreaths at the monuments to Soviet and Norwegian soldiers who died during the liberation of Norway. Speech by the mayor of the Finnish city of Kem Ein Estil, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the City Council of Murmansk Y. Balankin at a conference on cooperation between the Nordic countries, held during the forum. Member of the Finnish Parliament M. Ekkore opens an exhibition of children's drawings. Visitors during the inspection of the exhibition during the days of the conference. View of books presented at the exhibition of children's books from countries participating in the forum. Performances by the participants of amateur performances at a concert with the participation of groups from 4 countries participating in the forum. Participants in the North Calotte plant trees outside the city hall of Alta.
V. Katanyan
Film ID
the second world war
, exhibitions
, international connections
, norway
, water transport
, artistic activities
, cities
, borbazamir
Number of Parts
V. Usanov, I. Filatov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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