For Eternal Times

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Arrival at the Moscow airport of a delegation from the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, headed by A. Novotny: get off the plane, greet the greeters. Guests are greeted by the First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid Brezhnev, Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR AI Mikoyan, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR AN Kosygin and others. An honor guard is passing by, Leonid Brezhnev and A. Novotny are performing. A motorcade drives through the streets to the Kremlin. The Czechoslovak delegation at a reception at the Supreme Soviet, as well as at the talks in the Kremlin. Present: Leonid Brezhnev, A. Mikoyan, A. Kosygin, A. Novotny, I. Lenart, I. Gendrikh and others. Guests from Czechoslovakia lay a wreath at the Lenin Mausoleum, visit the Institute of Atomic Energy named after IV Kurchatov. The Czechoslovak delegation in the city of Gorky: passing through the streets, visiting the Gorky Automobile Plant, the house-museum of A. M. Gorky, sailing on a ship on the Volga River. Delegation in Minsk (Byelorussian SSR); pay a visit to the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Belarus PM Masherov, visit the Minsk Worsted Combine, the Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War, lay a wreath at the monument to the fallen soldiers, pass through the streets. Czechoslovak guests in Yerevan (Armenian SSR): visit the Yerevan synthetic rubber plant named after S. M. Kirov, the State Depository of ancient manuscripts, the collective farm named after VI Lenin in the village of Oktember, the state farm "Nairi". Leonid Brezhnev, A. Novotny and others are speaking at a meeting of Soviet-Czechoslovak friendship in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. L. I. Brezhnev, A. I. Mikoyan, A. N. Kosygin, A. Novotny, I. Lenart signed a joint Soviet-Czechoslovak statement. AI Mikoyan presents A. Novotny with a medal in honor of the 20th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany. Seeing the Czechoslovak delegation at the airport.
K. Kulagina
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, science
, communist parties
, automobile transport
, rewarding
, collective farms
, river transport
, textile industry
, chemical industry
, museums
, political connections
, landscapes
, monuments
, nuclear power
, cities
, automotive industry
, air transport
Number of Parts
P. Opryshko, I. Sokolnikov, V. Khodyakov, V. Citron
Other Creators
Text by G. Balashov, sound by V. Kotov
Release Date
Has Sound

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