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The movie tells about the development of sausage production in the Voronezh region. Filmed by order of the USSR Tsentrosoyuz 1 part G. Voronezh. Winter. Passers-by on one of the central streets, the entrance to the Department of Consumer Cooperation. Meeting at the Department of Consumer Cooperation of the Voronezh Region. Customers in the grocery section of the store are looking at a display case of sausage. A truck with the inscription "VORONEZHKOOPTRANS" drives up to the meat-packing plant. Modules for meat shops (made in Yugoslavia). Sausages, smoked meats hang on the shelves in the shop. Bunches of sausages on slats in the refrigerator room. Mini-plant employees drink tea in the recreation room. Shop of one of the Voronezh region meat production, bunches of wieners, sausages, sausages hang on rods. Butchers in the slaughterhouse butcher carcasses of pigs. The veterinarian checks the pork carcasses. The laboratory assistant checks the finished products in the laboratory. Manufacturing processes. Semiluksky district, Medvezhye village. Winter. A UAZ car is driving along a rural road. Representative of the Voronezh Regional Directorate of Consumer Cooperation Lyudmila Vasilyevna Tsareva walks into the courtyard of the house of Pyotr Gavrilovich Lysykh, who is raising turkeys. Turkeys are walking around the yard. A cow in a stall. LV Tsareva sits at a table in the villagers' house, draws up an agreement on a one-time purchase of livestock from the population. Part 2 One of the mini-meat plants in the Voronezh region. Samples of raw smoked sausages are laid out on the table. Freezing chamber. Mixing meat on a stubble to prepare minced meat. An employee of a meat-packing plant weighs spices for minced meat on a scale. The process of stuffing minced meat. The sausages are hanging on slats, the process of precipitation is going on. The process of cold smoking sausages in a thermal smoke chamber. The sausages are dried and finally ripened. Reiki with "Stolichnaya" sausage, with "United" sausages. The staff members of the module are bandaging the sausages. Meat cutting workshop. Salting pork blanks. Pressing pork in tubs. View of the new workshop built next to the module. Work in a control laboratory. Type of additional equipment for roasting, cooking and smoking products. Smokehouse, a man takes out slats with sausage. Smoked hams are hanging from hooks. Sausages, sausage on racks (different plans). General view of a stationary refrigerator. "COOLER OF SEMILUKSKY RAIPO" panoramic view of the pieces of meat hanging on hooks in the refrigerator. Nina Efimovna Ivanova, director of SelkoopZagotprom, Semiluksky district, talks about the work, about the peculiarities of procurement activities. A UAZ car is driving along a winter rural road. Bundles of raw smoked neck hang on a rail. NDP. G. Voronezh. Niva grocery store on the first floor of a residential building. Customers at the counter with sausages in the gastronomy section, the seller weighs the goods.
N. Kotov
Film ID
rural settlements
, automobile transport
, labor conditions
, grocery stores
, individual farm
, cooperation
, cities
, procurement offices
, meat industry
Number of Parts
L. Sadkova
Other Creators
V. Voshchenkova, T. Gvarishvili, V. Shubin, O. Teplenko, G. Sharafutdinova
Release Date
Has Sound

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