For the Socialist Village Number 20

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The Red Army men are in combat training: they are running across the field with rifles, at a machine gun, commanders are examining maps, tanks are riding, a signalman is wearing headphones, cavalry is galloping, smoke bombs are burning. Harvesting at the Baltic Rabochiy state farm: combines in the field, a tractor driver in the tractor cab, workers put grain into bags, weigh, pour grain into the back, trucks at the dumping point, at a meeting in the field, reward the best collective farmers. Firefighters train at the Vozrozhdenie collective farm in the Kimrsky District of the Moscow Region: a man lubricates pump parts, a horse drives a pump, members of a volunteer fire brigade in helmets follow, firefighters unwind their sleeve, lower their sleeve into the river, climb the stairs to the roof, water the house with hoses. Clean-up on collecting vegetables in the collective farm "Yamnoe" Endovishchensky district: collective farmers in the field, a woman pours cucumbers from a bag, collective farmers stack tomatoes, load vegetables into wagons. Workers of the state farm "Young Guard" serve cows on the farm. Builders are building a silo. Collective farm brigades. On January 9, Kalanchevsky district is sowing.
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state farms
, building
, livestock
, agriculture
, red army
, plant growing
, fire fighting
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