For the Soviet Motherland

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1st plot. Blizzard. Volkhov Front, 59th Army, Selishchi-Zvanka District, February 1943. A tractor pulls a truck through deep snow with a cable. A sled with ammunition is moving along the road through the village. A reconnaissance group of fighters in white camouflage coats, skiing through a blizzard on a combat mission. The soldiers of the unit under the command of Senior Lieutenant Eliseev are in position, holding the defense. Machine gunners at the "Maxim" machine guns at the firing points 2nd plot. "For the Soviet Motherland". Volkhov Front, 59th Army, late January-early February 1943. Subscription for the construction of a tank column "For the Soviet Motherland" in the unit of Lieutenant Colonel Mukhin. Speech by Lieutenant Colonel Mukhin to the soldiers. The headquarters of the command of the 59th Army. Army Commander Lieutenant General Ivan Terentyevich Korovnikov, member of the Armed Forces Major General P.S. Lebedev, chiefs of political departments - Colonel A.P. Sokolov and Colonel Petrov are sitting at the table, writing the text of a telegram to I.V. Stalin about the fundraising the construction of a tank column "For the Soviet Motherland", sign a telegram.
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the great patriotic war
, landscapes
, ground troops
, charity
67,3 м (общ.232,1)
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Burt B.
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